I did my PCE pre-order today!!

  1. I went into Coach today to just kill some time (my in-laws were watching the kids for me). My SA was there, and she said "Oh, I was just about to call you!" Long story short, I was there for an hour picking out what I wanted. I went nuts! :push: Here is what I ended up getting:

    Carly Large in Black
    Ergo Leather Hobo in White
    "Keri" Sunglasses in black
    Kelby Slides
    Nicola Flats
    Hamptons Coin Purse; red
    3/4 inch signature bracelet (white/silver; this was hot!!)
    Signature super long skinny scarf in hot pink
    Multi-dot ponytail scarf

    My SA said to call her anytime to add anything or take anything off the list. She also said that I could come in anytime during the PCE event to get more stuff; that I am not limited to the one order.

    Just wanted to give you all a heads up! I am now off the to the poor house. :p
  2. Wow! What a haul. I am trying to figure out what to buy. Is she giving you the PCE on the Ergo? Or is it only the XL one that isn't supposed to be on the PCE?
  3. According to the SA, I would get PCE discount on everything and anything in the the red look book. She said I could get anything; even things coming out in May.
  4. ^^^^Seriously? Aww man I'm in trouble......

    Nice haul by the way (how sad is it that you refer to purse/accessory shopping as a "haul"?)!!
  5. Oh, yeah for you!! But..... AWWWW!! I don't have a boutique near me so no PCE! :crybaby: Oh, well, it'll be fun to see everyone's new PCE goodies!!
  6. Eek, pages will definetly be taken out of the red book before PCE so you must have slipped through somehow. Ergo and any 4/1 releases will not be included technically.
  7. awesome! i havent gotten anything regarding pce yet...so i hope i get one this time around!
  8. I got told technically anything in April was not included and best thing to go by is the internet and if it is listed it can be ordered. I really wanted an ergo but said they cannot include that.
  9. When you try walking out of the store with all your bags, you will know why it is called a haul;)

    I made the mistake of shopping one day while I was getting tires put on my truck. I got 4 full size bags, in gift boxes. I was parked at Sears at King of Prussia and had to walk from Coach to Sears! (they offered to hold the bags for me but I wasn't thinking clearly). The bags were bulky and the handles on the bags dug into my hands.
  10. it's silly but the pages are going to be pulled out on the 8th

    according to the packet.

    also, exceptions can be made so it's not like she was doing something bad, but the customer must say it, it isn't something a SA offers.

    so she shouldn't have said you can order anything-- i'm sure the manager will correct her when they do the pre-sale on the 16th.

    great picks becca! i esp. love the bangle and ergo in white....white is my favorite color!!!
  11. nice picks!! I can't wait to get my card so I can pick things out!
  12. :drool: Oh I am chomping at the bit over here! LOL

    I really hope I am included in the PCE this go'round. I spent a ton in December but I am not sure if that counts... of course I have bought "a few" things since then too so I guess we'll see.

    Your LIST sounds WONDERFUL! I saw the white and silver bangles in the boutique and they are really sharp. ;O)

    Enjoy your haul!
  13. ms-whitney:

    I went in to my Coach Boutique today and asked the SA what could be included in the Private Client Event. She said that anything that could be ordered would be included - she said that the Ergo stuff could be ordered
    as well so I guess the answer to this varies on who you speak to. It seems that there is conflicting information on this.

  14. great list.

    i wish i could get a PCE card :sad:
  15. I am going to ask again when I give him my order. I can only hope. Liz what size Hobo did you get? I saw the scarf hobo today while in the store and although it is a nice size I might think I need a step up but the other one sounds real big.