I did my hair with L'Oreal Colour Rays


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Sep 26, 2007
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And I'm rather pleased with the result. I've tried doing my hair at home with a cap before but I could barely do one row without crying. My poor head felt like a pincushion!
I saw Colour Rays one day while grocery shopping. I went out with the intention of buying them one day and decided to make a stop at the thrift store first... I'm glad I did because I snagged a versace dress for $20. Hair color can wait! I ordered it off Amazon on the 18th and got my package on the 21st. It comes with everything - color, activator, gloves, streaking wand, and shampoo/conditioner. I have to say that these are definitely the best gloves I've ever used out of a kit. Usually they're like giant plastic oven mitts so I keep a box of gloves around instead. It was easy to mix (it even had its own mixing tub) and easy to apply. There's plenty of color in there, too. I tried to go for little all-over streaks, but I felt like I wasn't using enough color... so I did a lot of streaks of varying sizes. I'm quite pleased with the results. I used to get my hair streaked at the salon and do my own touch-ups at home with plain dye (like Manic Panic) so I have plenty of dye on hand when the inevitable fading happens.
I had a little trouble with the wand at times... sometimes I got more hair colored than I wanted, but it's all good. It might come in handy to have your own "lovely assistant" to help with the back of your head. I'd recommend this product for sure! It was an easy one-step application. My hair doesn't feel fried. The kit comes with a little tube of shampoo you use twice during the rinsing process... it smelled very good! I was a little disappointed in the color. It's slightly more orange than the picture on the box, but can we ever trust pictures on boxes and cookbooks? I think I'll touch it up with some of my red later today.