I did like this though...

  1. That is cute, very spring
  2. I REALLY love that! VERY cute!:yes::heart:
    Another item to add to my wish list!:wtf:
  3. I love that! It is sooo cute! I love flowers!
  4. Awww! Its SO PRETTY! :love:
  5. I loooooooove how Coach wristlets are made for right handed people!
  6. I like it...spring is knocking:yes:
  7. I love it too, I think I am going to get the pouch.
  8. This doesn't make sense. It works either way. I hold my wristlets in either hand and can still face the appliques out.
  9. so cute!! I love the flower. I wish the pouch had more of the pretty pink leather on it though.