I Did It!!!

  1. :yahoo: I just order a city in black from AR , hopefully it will be here by next week.:wlae:
  2. CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!! Is it your first B bag ???????????
  3. congrats!!! i got my first black b bags too last week, and i love it!
    i thought b bags is all about the colours... but black city is sooo classy :yes:
  4. Congrats!! I got my '07 Black city in December, and I wore it for 3 weeks straight b/c it was so practical and light! Hope you enjoy yours!
  5. Yup,i always a LV girl but since looking over this bbag forum i think i'm hook and it all you girls fault :graucho: Soo excited my first bbag:yahoo:
  6. Nice purchase.:yahoo: You can't go wrong with a black city.
  7. YAYYYYYYY!!!!! congrats!
  8. congrats and welcome... now there's not turning back...muahahahha
  9. congrats and great choice!! post pix when u get it!
  10. Well, welcome to the DARK SIDE:supacool: .....and as with potato chips, you can't stop at just one !:p
  11. cassidy, congrats on your Bbag purchase!!! Do post pics when you have it on-hand...
  12. Congratulations! I also can't wait to see pictures. :yes:
  13. omg! congrats! woop woop! its been a year since i got my black city from AR and I still LOVE it!!! congrats!!!
  14. Nice choice!!! Please post pics!! :yes:
  15. This is so exciting! Post pics! Enjoy!!!!!! :yahoo: