I did it!!!!!!!!!!


Oct 6, 2011
Sierra Nevada Mountains CA
I was having the most crappy morning. I am not supposed to be working today but have been documenting and on the phone cleaning up messes from yesterday all morning, about to pull my hair out. I suddenly paused and thought "What the heck...." and I dialed Louis Vuitton......

You see I sold a bag yesterday, another hundred bucks in my pocket and was doing my calculations and last night I realized that I am about where I need to be financially to get my bag.

My VERY FIRST LV BAG!!!!!:nuts:

So I spoke to a veeery sweet girl in San Francisco, I was dialing the number for our most local store and that is where my call got sent. She said they indeed had my DE Neverfull GM in stock at that store and would be happy to send it to me, and she said they would be happy to heat stamp a luggage tag for me at a later time when I was ready to go down to the store, but since I live in the mountains, kind of near Lake Tahoe, she said it would be much easier to have it shipped to me right now.

Did it cheer me up? YOU BETCHA!!!!!!!

So the girl on the phone officially welcomed me to the LV club. It is a great day, and I cannot wait for my bag. :biggrin:


Jul 14, 2012
Congrats on your first LV piece..You are going to LVoe it and I am sure there will be many more pieces to follow.....:graucho:


Life is short. Buy the bag.
Jan 3, 2008
Congrats!! Can't wait to see your reveal!