I did it!!!


shopping fool
Dec 18, 2006
SF Bay Area
It came!!! :yahoo: I love it sooooo much! :girlsigh: I took some pics, but can't find the cord for the computer, so I will post them as soon as I buy a new one. It felt like I was documenting my new baby coming home. :tender: And she's just where she belongs, lol. I actually took my husband to visit the Chloes at Neiman Marcus in SF on Christmas Eve. :true: His comment was, "You want a bag with a padlock on it? Seriously?" I didn't show him the prices, however...maybe what he doesn't know won't hurt him. And mine was on sale. I didn't have long to stay, but the sale table didn't seem to have much Chloe on it. There was one mini bag with the little chain on the bottom, but I don't remember what color. I want to take my new Paddy out for a spin; unfortunately it's raining and I'm not ready to expose her to the elements yet. She is keeping me company at the computer, though!:jammin: I hope everyone had a great holiday.