I did it!!!

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  1. I just ordered my first Paddington!!! OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! Sorry for all of the excitement, but I have been obsessing over this bag, especially the metallic colors of aubergine, bleu nuit, and anthracite. After finding this site and reading the voices of experience here, I chose the aubergine and placed my order from LVR. I was going to probably buy from eBay before, but was concerned about buying a fake. Since this is the most I have ever spent on a handbag, I want to be sure I get the real deal. Sadly, I am already plotting how to get the next color on my list...bleu nuit if there's a sale and anthracite if I come across a super great price...ok, I have to go buy the kids' Christmas presents now, if I have any $ left. :shame:
    :party: :party: Paddy Party:party: :party:
  2. congratulations!:yahoo: as soon as xmas is over and i know if i have any quid left im buying my first paddy too! im a dior addict but feel like i need a change !!! good luck with this and future shopping !:wlae:
  3. Congratulations! I just received my first Chloe bag yesterday. I did purchase it on ebay, from a seller with a very good reputation (I checked here many, many times before purchasing.) It is the medium size Paddington, in the Jeans Moyer (light grayish-blue color.) It arrived yesterday and I was scared to load it up and go with it today, but how could I resist? Of course I did!

    I'm a little nervous for my friends to see it. They know how many Coach, LV, Hayden-Harnett, and other bags I already own -- it is a little bit embarrassing! What if they ask me if it is real? What if they ask how much it cost?

    I can't imagine owning more than one of these. (This cost more than the monthly mortage payment for my first house!) No, I change that. I can't imagine BUYING more than one. I sure would love to OWN more than one, haha. But, I could never justify it. I just want to enjoy this one.
  4. Congratulations on your purchase! I rec'd two big boxes of goodies from LVR, and one of the bags is the blue nuit mini paddington with strap. As soon as I unpacked it, I dumped all of my stuff from another paddington into this one. It looks great with my blue jeans! On the down side, by the end of the day, the black padlock has nicks in it - so it is not solid black all the way through - I'm not particularly thrilled about that...If you haven't read about my saga with LVR, I placed one order, (four bags, two pairs of shoes and a dress - or something like that:wondering ), and I didn't receive an e-mail confirmation. I e-mailed them and no response. So after three days, I placed another order. The next day I receive an e-mail that both orders are at the warehouse being filled by the elves. I e-mailed them about consolidating the order and taking out some of the things that were duplicates (when I placed the second order, some of the things that I ordered were sold out, so I didn't have a completely duplicate order, but I did end up with two things that are identical) - anyway, they sent two big orders - delivered on Monday, and I just finished unpacking the second box tonight. Everything is gorgeous and more gorgeous. :heart: I'm in love with my Paddingtons - every single one of them. Also, when I wore my blue nuit today, I received so many compliments. Everyone was asking me what kind of bag it was - I live in Cincinnati, and no one sells Chloe here, and the fashionistas are far and few in between. But so many people commented on the bag - they loved it! Does anyone have any tips on the black padlock getting dinged up so that you can see the silver underneath? :wondering
  5. I love it! Congratulations!!!!
  6. Be sure to post photos when your paddy arrives!:yes:
  7. My first Chloe was a metallic aubergine Paddy and I've been using it since I got it. The color is just so great - brown with a touch of purple. Love it! I am sure you will too! And oh the metallic blue ... I have been so tempted to buy the one on sale on LVR but with the problems I have had with them, me says No. I am going to watch NAP and see if they will have the clutch on sale.

    Great choice!
  8. Congrats~
    I still remembered when I received my first paddy, I was so excited!!!
    Please post pics~~~
  9. Thanks to you guys for being so happy for me; not everyone understands the pure joy of purchasing an insanely expensive, but oh so beautiful, bag...in other words, I'm not sure I'm going to share my bliss with my hubby (btw, is that what DH means?) just yet! ;) I will definently post a picture when I get my Paddy.

    Lovely : I hope I have a better experience with LVR than you did; do you know what their typical ship time is? ('Cuz I really want it NOW) Also, I haven't seen the bleu nuit irl, so don't know what the padlock finish is like, but is it possible that a black permanent marker could even the scratches out? In any case, I'm going to look into fixes for that particular problem, as the black lock is one of my favorite features of that bag.
  10. TravelBug: I just couldn't help it. Purple is my color; it's kind of a family joke. Even my car is purple...now that I think about it, it's actually about the color of the bag and the dealer called the color aubergine. Must be fate. :weird: Anyhoo, I saw the blue clutch at Diabro for $422. CHLOE - Paddington Clutch Purse (Bleu) - diabro.net Always ready to enable, that's me.:welcome:
  11. Beth : I would probably buy a Paddy from eBay in the future (I've bought lots of other stuff over the years); I just wasn't sure I'd be able to tell the fakes, as they seem to be so good. Now that I am getting one where I know it's authentic, I can compare. As for your friends, they already know you have this weakness, and they're probably just jealous of your collection. I couldn't imagine paying this much for a bag earlier today either, but somehow I've crossed over to the dark side and all I am doing is plotting how to get more. I think I'm almost drunk from the whole experience of plunking down that much cash on a non-essential. Actually, I think I'll go toast to my new bag. :drinkup:
  12. Congrats!! I love aubergine, please post some pics!
    I can't wait till i get my first paddy!
  13. congratulations!!
  14. congrats :yahoo: Pics Pics
  15. Congrats!!!!!!! So excited for you...can't wait to see pics of your new paddy!!!