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  1. I called Saks Customer Service and put in a complaint about a Chanel SA in NYC. This is why.... I wanted an east/west last week and I gave her the model number and such and she said IT DOES NOT EXIST (I went and bought it at Chanel 57th and stopped in to check and they had the one I wanted right on the shelf). Before that I have called and asked for a specific SA - she always tells me that she isn't there - I've called from the Bottega Veneta Boutique next door and she was standing next to my SA and wouldn't give her the phone. Then I was looking for another bag on Monday - she said that if the NY Saks didn't stock it, no one did. Well, I knew for a fact that the bag I wanted was stocked at Saks (Chanel told me and so did a fellow pfer) - so I called the Boca Raton branch and a lovely SA located it and did a charge/send. The next day I was searching for another bag - called Saks NYC - the SA told me that she would call back in 10 minutes - she had to search the computer (normally when I ask her to do a search - she refuses and tells me that if NYC doesn't have it in stock, then it isn't available). Three hours passed w/ no news. I decided to call back - she YELLED at me and said she is very busy.... she would call back. So I called Ryan at Chanel SOHO (all Chanel Boutiques ARE sold out) and she gave me the model number to find it at a department store. I then called Boca and my SA there tracked it down and did a charge/send. I don't mind calling FL, but I would rather not pay shipping if I don't have to.

    I decided that if I let this SA get away w/ treating customers poorly, it will never end. So I called and told customer service. I told her this calmly and also said that I didn't want anything, I just wanted her to make a note, so if it keeps happening, something can be done.

    I just wanted to let all of you ladies know, that you can complain if you aren't treated correctly. I mean - we are paying a lot of $$ for these bags, the least they can do is be nice to us!!!
  2. That's horrible to be treated like this. The SA is there to give customer service, no doubt i would complain as well. I would go straight to headoffice and report the gal that mistreated you. Give her something to think about....if she still wants her job.
  3. wow, she sounds horrible!!! Do you know her name? Let us know so we can all avoid her....
  4. Her name is Paulina.

  5. Ugh! Thats horrible!
  6. Wow, I can't believe how rude she is being!
  7. OMG PAULINA IS A *****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I told her off on the phone...I wanted a bag (reissue) back in March and SHE WAS SO rude and said WE DON'T HAVE IT...and hung up...I called back the next day and got another SA and guess what....THEY HAD 3....I was so pissed....
    There are more stories with that ***** but I would be typing all nite....I really don't know how she keeps here job there
  8. Pauline is a horrible biatch! :rant:
    When I called to inquire about a purse I was looking for she cut me off real quick and said " I am busy u have to call me back" and hung up on me!! :wtf:

    I hope they do something about her.
  9. omg... thank you -you're sooo brave!!

    i'm glad someone did something about the horrible saks nyc SA's -my boyfriend decided to buy me a chanel bag for our anniversary... and heard that he could find the specific bag i wanted from saks nyc

    not only did the SA speak to him rudely, she continued to make him feel dumb for inquiring about a bag that they "didnt have" -they also told him they'd call back to update and never did... before hanging up abruptly

    long story short, i never got my chanel bag for our anniversary, AND... i had a cousin who lives in new york stop by the store -to find that they had like 4!!

    i dont know if it was the same SA, but regardless, im glad someone said something!! :]
  10. Paulina sounds dreadful, just think how much business has she lost Chanel over the years.
  11. Yikes! Don't they work on some kind of commission? I am glad you complained. Let us know what happens.
  12. Good for you! She sounds horrid. I think I met her once before.