I did it!

  1. Hi, after unnerving several of the TPF members on my quest for a Quilted Medium Bay for a good price, I did it finally! I purchased a moka coloured one off eBay, which was said to be very probably authentic by a few members.:yahoo:

    I am very excited, at the same time still a little bit close to fainting because it was still 500 pounds which is an awful lot of money for me spending on a bag! ( won't dare tell my husband):shocked:

    I hope that it is in as nice a condition as I think it is, I will post pics when it arrives!:upsidedown:
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics...
  3. YAY Brigitte! Be sure to post modeling pics.

    And don't worry about your DH - just say "this old thing? I've had it for ages!" That's what I always do.

    Aaaah designer handbags... they all come with a free honours degree in Manipulation and Evasion.
  4. ^[​IMG]
    Yes, that's a bit frightening though...
    Will be on a bag or shopping whatsoever ban for a while now...[​IMG]
  5. You are going to LOVE it! I've said this before, and it's pretty pathetic, but when I leave for work I often think, well, at least I'll get to spend uninterrupted time with my bag.
  6. Hope you post some pictures!

    I keep eyeing the Quilted Bay as well.
  7. Oh that is great!! Congrats!! post some pics when you get it...:smile:
  8. Thank you ladies for your kind words and for your sharing my joy and excitement![​IMG]
  9. :yahoo:Hurrah:yahoo: Congratulations Brigitte...I'm so glad you got your bag in the end. The Moka is a real beauty and after having some dealings with that seller myself in the past, I'd be absolutely shocked if it wasn't 100% authentic. Wear it in good health, enjoy and don't worry about the cost :nogood:. The style is very timeless so unlikely to date badly and it's beautifully made, so unlikely to fall apart. You'll be using it for years, so think of it as an investment:tup: ( or at least that's what you should tell your DH !).
  10. ^[​IMG]
    Oh, thanks Tagullah, what a relief, isn't it? [​IMG]I missed you on the forum today, since you so kindly accompanied my quest, helping with answering my numerous questions, sending godd vibes, giving valuable advice![​IMG]
    Now I only have to wait for the bag to come![​IMG]
  11. brigitte - your use of smilies is very impressive, on par with Tag's!
  12. Yay! Please post modeling pics once it arrives :tup:
  13. Hi lanasyogamama,
    that's very sweet of you![​IMG]
    (I love the smilies![​IMG])
  14. Contratulations! We are looking forward to your pics...
    Keep your hubby as unaware of the bag issue as possible... The minute he begins to raise questions, you'll be in trouble...