I Did It!

  1. Well, I made my first Kooba Purchase! HOORAY! I ordered the Jackie in Eggplant! After spending a lot of time looking at everyone's pictures I decided this is the bag I want to go with! (Still on the lookout for that Red Elisha though too!)

    I can't wait to get it! WOOT!
  2. That is a cool bag!!! Congratulations! post pics when you get it :smile:
  3. Thanks Posk! I will for sure post pics when it comes! :smile: Should be here next week!
  4. Congrats! I'm sure it won't be your last Kooba either. They're a bit addicting, if you can tell from reading the threads in here... LOL
  5. Ohh! I love the Jackie. I saw it in the lava color and thought that would be a great bag. Havent seen the eggplant IRL. Congrats on picking a great bag for your first. Please let us know how you like it.:wlae:
  6. Thanks Kooba Lover! It is addicting! :smile: That is for sure!

    Hi Shockey! Thanks! I am so excited to get it! I will let you all know how I like it!
  7. Congatulations mrsbag, is'nt it exciting when you order a fabulous bag. The hard part is waiting for it. Can't wait to see pics.
  8. You'll love her! Jackie is a lovely bag and the color is so wonderful!:woohoo:
  9. Hi Mini and Grace! Thanks! I am counting the days! :smile:
  10. Congratulations, mrsbag, pics when you get it, ok?:smile:
  11. Congratulations! I hope you love it and we'd all love to see some pics when you get it!
  12. She should be here tomorrow!!!
  13. Tick tock, goes the clock. She will be here soon!
  14. Oh, Congratulations on a beautiful choice in color; that eggplant is TDF!
  15. Eggplant is a beautiful color. Beautiful!!! The leather has a slight sheen to it. Great choice.