I Did It!!!

  1. I did it, I bought my first Chloe.

    I've been going into Holt Renfrew constantly the last few weeks, just staring and holding the Paddingtons until finally I went in and got the Metallic Anthracite.

    Its been there longer than any of the other Paddys (eccept the silver one) so I figured its calling out to me. (iether that or I have really bad taste cause no one else wants it)

    Im having a bit of a love hate with it though, love the bag, hate the price I paid :shocked:
  2. Congrats!! I finally saw that bag in person and it's gorgeous. Enjoy!
  3. Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!

    While I was taking pictures I noticed a horrid scratch on the leather above the lock. I just got it and used it once, could I have done this?!
    chloe.JPG chloescratch.JPG
  4. Pretty bag, but OH NO on the scratch!! Maybe if it had been on the shelf that long it WAS there, but hard to imagine you wouldn't have seen that...? But I've missed things like that too.... Can you rub it out?
  5. :cry: Praying for your pretty paddy...did you try gently rubbing...is it any better? It's upsetting, I'm sure. If the shop had it awhile and you just got it, they sould exchange it, return it, or discount it for you. Perhaps it was already there and they didn't see it either. Do let us know how things progress. All best wishes with it. :wondering
  6. I'm sure they will exchange it for you...
  7. Try rubbing it with leather lotion, it might come off...beautiful color!
  8. It's a beautiful bag but oh the scratches.. did they have another one in the store they could exchange you for?
  9. Gorgeous bag! Definitely call the store and see if they can exchange it for you.
  10. I so agree!
  11. Rubbing doesnt really do anything and the only other Paddys they had in the store were metallic silver:yucky:not for me, and jaune which was certainly very nice but not very versatile with my wardrobe.

    I dont know what to do, I iether return it for a full refund (I have 30 days) or live with the scratch :cry:
  12. I would return it. The Metallic Anthracite is still available in some of the department stores here, so I would assume that they are in similar situation there too. Nothing is worse than living with a bag that has big flaws like that.
  13. Well, Holt Renfrew is the only place in Canada that carries Chloe. We have 3 stores around where I live and this was the only one that had this colour.

    I could take a chance on ebay but I dont know enough yet about spotting Chloe fakes.

    Oh this is so hard, I looooooove the bag, I've used it twice now (last night):shame: but I think I should stop so it doesnt show any signs of wear if I return it. Tough decision for me, it took me forever to buy it now its going to take me forever to return it!

    Question though? Do department stores give refunds, if return is within the proper time frame, I have original receipt, all documentation BUT the store tags have been taken off? I think they should consdering I wasnt planning on returning the bag, I just took the tags off right away.
  14. And I guess if I ever try to sell it down the road, it would be hard to sell with a scratch on it:cry:
  15. CORRECTION on the scratch. In the pictures it does look like a scratch but upon closer inspection, it appears the leather is not actually damaged.

    Maybe some of you guys have read complaints of splotches of silver, thats what it looks like! Like someone splattered some of the metallic silver on the anthracite! And theres more of thes "splotches" on the inside of the bag, leather trim and on the handles! What the he**! Why are these Chloe bags so poorly made?!

    I loooooove the look of the bag, but now I'm a bit worried of what its going to look like with wear and tear.