I did it!

  1. I finally just said "eff it!" and bought my Chanel tote! Here she is...

    My ferret Mojo "helping" me open the box


    I opened a Saks account so I saved almost $200 on my bag :yahoo:

    I'm in total love
  2. OMG congrats, this bag is tdf. also cute farret.
  3. Congrats! Its gorgeous...I know how you feel...sometimes when you just want something...you gotta have it :smile:
  4. You will sooooooooooo love this bag. I'm carrying mine today!
  5. Ohh, I can't see the pic, it is too big! Well if it is a Chanel Tote, I am sure it is amazing so congrats!
  6. This is a great bag. I'm getting ready to change into mine too. Congrats!
  7. Mojo is so cute!

    Great bag and good savings! :tup:
    Thats awesome - enjoy!
  8. beautiful tote-enjoy it!!!
  9. gorgeous!
  10. GOOD 4 U!! CONGRATS, its beautiful!!

  11. I agree you will love it and I am carrying my beige one today.....love the GSTs!!!:heart:

    Congrats on a wonderful bag, Enjoy!!
  12. love this bag! i use mine often and it looks like the day i bought it. you will love it! congrats!!
  13. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!!
  14. Great choice!!
  15. Fantastic bag! And omg I used to want a ferret so badly growing up. I still have such a soft spot for them! I bet they make excellent pets! Congrats!