I did it!-placed another outlet order

  1. Okay really. I have to stop. Last thursday I placed an order for a few small things and they came yesterday and I was so excited!

    So i was really wanting a corriere. I couldn't decide what print i wanted, what if it didn't come in etc. So i decided to get an adios star corrier. Lindsay found me a cute one with a few characters on the front.

    I then was also going to order an inferno bocce for my daughter but they were out so I got her a bocce in pirata instead. then i said -well, she does LOVE the inferno print. so i broke down and got her an inferno print portatelphono. I spent another $220. I am going to have to stash the small items for her away for christmas.

    I asked if they would be getting spiaggia in and Lindsay siad that she thought they should have gotten them already. She also said that normally the woodbury store gets more than they do and they have been getting the stuff from the web as well as the soho store.

    She thinks maybe those sources were sold out and she hopes they get spiaggia in.

    I really want something in spiaggia and i hope that it hits the outlet. I may have to start calling woodbury to see if they get any spaiggia in.

    I swear. no more purchases for a while. i have gotten out of control. but i do love them all! can't wait for my corriere!

  2. O.o Which outlets can you order from online?
  3. i wonder what the outlets have left i need and want an as in gioco. but i have to wait til thursday.
  4. I did not place the order online.I placed it over the phone. It was quite helpful to talk to her on the phone as she told me what i would be getting. I called the South hampton outlet and spoke wth Lindsay. I just have to cut myself off. no more outlet orders.

    dmagedsiren-i did not ask if they had any gioco but I bet they will have one in AS. it's worth a call to see. maybe if you call tomrrow they can hold it for you until tomrrow.

    I was just thinking with the number of phone orders I bet this store more than makes it's slaes goal for the month! :smile:

  5. Kitzka - I know how you feel. I spent way to much on toki the last few weeks... esp w/the 40% off I couldn't resist.... :push:
  6. I'm trying to finally be done with toki for awhile... I've bought way too much since I've come to school, and that was only 3 weeks ago :p All I have left in the mail is a Paradiso Corriere from SH's sale - and hopefully that'll arrive soon :yes: Then I can finally start saving my money instead of spending it all!
  7. Lara, do you know if Woodbury will do print placement over the phone or do you have to go there? I agree, SH has had a lot more stuff recently. I hope it continues for spiaggia!!
  8. i think woodbury or seattle were not doing print placement anymore..

    i almost bought a paradiso bambino this week as well.. they had a few left but none with the characters i had in mind.

    its weird, i emailed them this week asking about spiaggia, if they even knew when to expect it or if they would let us know beforehand when they're going to get it so we can hold things like pirata.. so they replied saying tell us what you would like to hold and i gave them my response, and then they replied with "we don't have spiaggia yet." along with the list of what they do have left.
  9. ^Oooh, can you share the list with us please? Thanks!
  10. I just called SH outlet this morning and placed an order with Lindsay (she was off on Monday). She probably thinks I'm completely WACK, but I asked her to email an updated list to JessakaMitz. My friend was asking me why I didn't ask her to just email it to me. I told her, Jessaka is the source! Besides, after being on the phone for awhile, I kinda didn't want to have to give my email to =)