I did it!! Now I just have to wait.

  1. After much contemplation, I went ahead and made the purchase!:yahoo:

    I just returned from the bank after making a wire-transfer to eBoutique for the new, AUTHENTIC, 35cm black togo Hermes Birkin with palladium hardware. The bank employee said that the transfer should be complete by noonish today EST, so hopefully eBoutique will be able to send the bag today and I can receive it tomorrow!

    I'm so excited to be able to find that one last remaining bag my wife has not been able to get so far (I'm sure her wishlist will grow, but right now this is the last one)!

    All I have to do is wait for the bag, take it with me to my local Hermes for verification (I mean, a "cleaning"), and once they ok it, it'll be all good! Can't wait to see my wife's expression when I give it to her for V-day!
  2. You are so sweet!!!:heart: I bet she'd be thrilled.:yes:

    I can only WISH my DH would do something like this!:push:
  3. You are one sweet hubby!! I can't wait for you to tell us your wife's reaction!
  4. You are sweet. You are going to make your wife's valentine's day!
  5. It's such a great and surprising Valentine's gift! ......so sweet!
  6. You're very sweet. I am sure your wife will be very happy!!!
  7. That is wonderful news!

    I love that you are just as excited to receive the bag for your wife's gift as she will be!!!
  8. Wonderful! I used eboutique before. She is wonderful and her bags beautiful. Congratulations and please post some pictures when you have it.
  9. Well done, your wife will be so thrilled!! Very sweet of you and excellent timing too!
  10. Thank you everyone!

    The wire-transfer has been completed, the bag is ready for UPS to pick it up, and I should be receiving it sometime tomorrow. Can't wait!

    On a side note, I'm starting to worry about the fact that it seems like I now enjoy Hermes products more than my wife does. Strange....:p
  11. haha. I think its funny how so many husbands come on here to ask questions, then that turns into making posts, then all the sudden they are like completely into it, and I'm surprised their wives aren't on here snooping around!

    Anyway, that is a very amazing v-day gift!
  12. :lol::lol:Well, there are plenty of products for men, too!!

    I think that's a wonderful Valentine's gift, and you are a very thoughtful husband!!!

    (If she's not very excited about it, PM me - I'll give it a good home! JK)
  13. skim, that is an incredibly thoughtful gesture and gift! If I give you my DH's contact info, can you train him, please?
  14. What an amazing hubby

    can we get you cloned?? :yes:;)
  15. ^^^^ I second that or maybe you can offer lessons to my DF