I did it!!! New Carly (but...I have a question)

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  1. Hi Everyone...
    Well, I did it!! I bought myself a Large Signature Carly in Chocolate today!!!
    I am very excited...but, have I a quick question. I just took it out of the dustbag and there are 3 scratches on the leather handle (where it would sit on top of my shoulder....two on top and one under). Is this to be expected? Should I take it back and ask for one without scratches? Am I being to picky?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Congratulations on your new Carly!:yes:

    Was it a floor model or did they get it from the back?
    I would do what your heart tells you.
    If you are not satisfied, bring it back, explain your situation to the SA and get one without scratches.
  3. It was not a floor model...they got it from the back.

    This was my first Coach purchase and I guess I was expecting a perfect bag for the amount of money I paid. I kinda feel like it's no big deal because it will likely get scratched anyway....but I would also like to be the one to scratch it since I paid for it.
  4. I'd return it. If you're thinking about it enough to do a post, it definitely bugs you! They will be accomodating and will get another one for you. I returned a mini skinny because there were scratches on the metal that you could barely see and they helped me out.
  5. Call them and see if they have one you can exchange it for, or they could send you a brand new one.
    Congrats on joining the carly club!
  6. I don't like a new bag to come scratched-that's for me to do! I would take it back.
  7. I'd take it back. It would definitely bother me to have it scratched from the get go. I always compare as many of the same items as possible to pick the best one. I'm a bit of a perfectionist.
  8. I agree that you should take it back. You paid a lot of money for that gorgeous bag, and if it's going to have scratches, well...you should be the one to make them!:graucho:
  9. Congrats! Think I'd take it back.
  10. I would take it back. Plus it is not likely that you will make scratches on the strap, they usually happen when you wear the bag and lean or brush by something and the front of the bag usually gets scratched IMO. I would take it back and inspect the new one you get, check for stiching etc ! Why not, those bags are expensive !
  11. You should definitely return it for one in perfect condition!! Oh, and congrats on your first Coach!!
  12. Thanks everyone for your input. I DID go back today to return BUT I did not feel comfortable at all. I have returned smaller, cheaper items to non-brand name stores and felt much more comfortable.
    They brought out a new one from the back that looked 'worn'...it didn't have scratches but looked 'used'. I was still not happy. The SA tried to assure me that it is distressed leather and it is supposed to look like that. I also found a small glue-type spot on the second one!!!
    I asked them to bring out another one. I felt uncomfortable the whole time....I could feel that she thought I was being a pain in the a** but in my head I kept assuring myself that I paid a lot of money and deserved to be happy....even if that meant getting my money back and looking for something else.
    Anyway...the third one was perfect and I kept that one. Now I am happy!!! I don't know if I will rush back to get more Coach items though (even though I love them!)
  13. I'm glad the third one was finally perfect. I understand being uncomfortable, I am a mouse personally, but when it comes to spending hard earned money you need to be satisfied, actually happy, with the purchase. Scratches and such on a new bag would bother me.