I did it ladies...Placed the Order for my first KELLY BAG!!!

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  1. Well, it's official, I placed the order today at Hermes with my wonderful SA!!

    My order is for a:

    28cm Chocolate Box Kelly Rigid!!!!!

    She says it can be anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for this!!! But, I will be ready when she comes.

    Also they had a choc. togo birkin, 30 cm and I tried it on! This was the first time my eyes have ever seen a birkin in person, never mind try it on!!! I was damn excited I had to FORCE myself to remain calm!!

    It was a wonderful day at Hermes!! Just wanted to share with you ladies!
  2. OOH!!! That will be a gorgeous Kelly! And I can't believe that Birkin 30 was up for grabs!
  3. Oh my gosh!!!!!! Traci!!!:yahoo: :nuts: I am so excited for you!! I have been lurking on this subforum and have decided hermes is my next purchase! I've even started selling off some bags. It may take me a while but I'm gonna do it. What an awesome choice you made!!! It will be divine!!!! I wish I was there to see the choco birkin- I might not have been able to resist!
  4. Congrats! I think choc box a fabulous choice! Gold or palladium h/w?
  5. Well apparently it was for some lady who decided she did not want it, and I just happened to go there today!

  6. Thanks PGN!! I am so excited!!! I have been planning this for a while and hopefully it will come sooner rather than later!! Once it comes, I will probably sell off many of my LV bags for MY BEAUTIFUL KELLY BAG!!!!!

  7. Thank you! Oops, forgot to say palladium hardware.
  8. Traci!!!:nuts: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:I am SO EXCITED for you!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  9. tr444, that is soooo exciting!! Congratulations on a lovely choice!

  10. Thanks Irene!!! I'm right behind ya, baby!!!! ha ha!!!

    I CANNOT WAIT till I get her and post pics of this beautiful baby. When I was there last they had a choc. box 32cm?? It was just a little too big for me, so I knew the 28cm would be perfect!!

    They had a Rouge H 28cm. Kelly in there today and I tried her on......it was love!!! But I'm holding out for my Chocolate!!
  11. YAAY, Tr444!!!!! There's nothing like placing that order and getting EXACTLY what you dream of!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

    Did you come home with anything? Not even a small little something????
  12. Congrats...

    Is it a special order? if so make the most of the opportunity to consider something unique like an inner lining of different colour..eg, fuschia chevre, or contrast stitching... like fuschia or orange stitching...

  13. Haha, Shopmom, you certainly know people!! YES, I did come home with a little something.....just a addition to my mug and tea cup collection. The red H breakfast cup and saucer.
  14. Lovely!!!! I use my Jardin sur Nil latte cup/saucer every morning for coffee! It's my little ritual.........
  15. Ah, I remember my first time.......................it was a Kelly, too.