I DID IT...I pre-ordered for PCE, but I am still waffling...PLEASE help me decide!

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  1. I received my first ever PCE card in the mail the other day. I was very surprised to have received one! So...I had no idea what I wanted to get so I went to the Boutique this evening. I looked and looked and LOOKED, trying to decide what to get. I finally "decided" on the Medium Signature Stripe CRIMSON Tote that I've been eyeing for so long. I also ordered the matching Large Beauty Case and the Wristlet!!!! But.....when I left the store I was not excited - I was more confused. I have wanted the Crimson Sig Stripe stuff for a long while, but here's my dilemma: I already have a Medium Khaki/Gold Sig Carly which is pretty much the same size (and basic background color) as the Sig Stripe Tote. I almost got the large one, but decided it looked a little TOO BIG on me. Now I am wondering if I should have just gone for the big one. OR....should I have gone with the Black/White Sig Stripe Tote(which is the other bag I was deciding between) (medium or large)?!!? They had several of these in the store and the SA said if I decide against the Crimson when it comes in that I can exchange it for the Black/White - as long as it's still within the PCE dates (which she assured me it will be). So.....I AM SOOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME....should I stick with the Medium Sig Stripe Crimson Tote (I am curious to see it IRL) and accessories even though I already have a khaki sig bag (Carly) or should I go with the LARGE one or should I go for a black bag (I don't have a black bag yet). If I SHOULD go with the black on, should I get the medium or go for the large (even though I think it kinda looks too big on me - also had 2 other people in the store tell me that, too)?!?! Although, with the black I can't get matching accessories. I just love how the Crimson POPS, but I could always just get a crimson accessory and get the black bag. See....I am SO CONFUSED! The SA isn't ordering until Thursday morning, so I've got all tonight and all day tomorrow to decide!:nuts:
    **Note: I borrowed these pictures from Ebay so you can see the exact color combo instead of getting pics from the DD.

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  2. I say go Crimson! That bag is so pretty and your not the only one with more than one in that sig. color. Im guilty too. Maybe later on down the road you can go for the black.
    I just got the punch sig. tote. Should be here any day now. These bags are just so darned cute!!
  3. get the crimson, it's more versatile IMO. you can use it all seasons!! black is more reserved for fall/winter i think.
  4. Well, I would go with the Crimson. It's such a gorgeous color. If your on the fence tho...maybe you should just go w/ a total different bag than a sig stripe. Maybe something leather?
  5. I vote for Crimson too!
  6. Thanks, all!! I do think I will love the crimson!! I just wonder if I should've gone all out for the LARGE or if I'll be fine with the Medium - the Med does hold a TON!!!!!! I think the large would be too large - just nervous about making a mistake on this purchase and then losing my discount if I have to return/exchange later!
    My partial thought on the black bag (that a TPFer once wrote me)...'you can always find a black bag!'
  7. Crimson! A wonderful SA once told me: You will always be able to find a beautiful black Coach bag anytime, but the seasonal colors are the ones we shouldn't pass up. When they're gone, they're gone. Black bags come back every season.

    Congrats on your pre-order! The crimson set sounds FAB! :tup::tup:
  8. The crimson is really pretty. Stick with it and then if it doesn't feel right when it comes in, you can change your mind then. Don't get a black bag just cuz you don't have one. I don't have one either, but I'm waiting until the fall to start looking.
    Oh, and it's OK to have more than one khaki sig bag! You're too funny :P
  9. Crimson! I love that line!
  10. agree...crimson....like the SA said, you can always find a great black bag

    red is kind of rare for Coach, they don't do it too much!

    good luck and have fun at PCE!
  11. I saw an agenda with the crimson stripe today in person and its so pretty and bright!
  12. yes.. crimson. its really a gorgeous color
  13. The crimson is hot; I would not be surprised if it was d/c'd or really hard to find in a few months.
  14. Another vote for the crimson. I have the smaller punch tote and it really does hold a lot.
  15. Stick with the crimson in the medium size.....