I did it!!!! I ordered a Greige City!!!

  1. :yahoo: It will be here in 2 days... cannot wait, cannot sleep!!:nuts:
  2. Congrats....
    Please post pics when you get it
  3. :yahoo: yeah yeah :yahoo: feel the FEVER!!! weeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeee!!! new b-bag!!! this is a very exciting moment!!! woop woop woop!!! :wlae: congrats!!! cant wait to see pics!!! ***hugs***
  4. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!can't wait to see pics!!!!!!!
  5. YAY!!! Congrats!!! Greige is one of the fall colours I'm fond of:smile:
  6. Gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics! Congrats.
  7. congrats on the greige!
  8. iloveelmo, congrats on your greige. can't wait to see pics!
  9. Aahhh the excitement of waiting for that package! :nuts: Post pics please when you get it!