I did it!! I got the job I wanted!!

  1. All the interviews and worrying over outfits and..... it was all worth it! I got my new job!! I'm so excited! I start the 19th (yes, of June - soooo soon) and I will be back to doing what I love! I will be a Business Systems Analyst with a website group for a marketing company (aka- computer geek).

    I have to finish packing and with any luck I will hear this week that I got the apartment I applied for! Everything seems to be working out well. A month ago I would have never guessed this would all be happening so soon! I just have to keep having a little patience and faith and soon I will be all settled in!! As long as I survive 2 weeks of living with my parents (so great of them to help me with this transition).

    Any ideas for something nice I could do for them to show them I love them and really appreciate their help? I am also officially on the hunt for a new bag to treat myself!! Getting this position is a huge step in my career!! WHOOHOOOOO!! I am so darn excited!!! :yahoo:
  2. YAY! That's great news! :cool: Good luck with your new job, and yes, treat yourself to a new bag :graucho:
  3. Congratulations!!!!

    Maybe you can take your parents out for dinner to their favourite restaurant or get them tickets to a show they would really like to see?

    Now onto the new bag to treat yourself with... end of season sales are happening now, you could certainly get something lovely to reward yourself for this new step in your career. I love Gucci's and Fendi's, I'm not sure what your preferences are, but maybe something that compliments a suit?

    Congratulations and good luck in your new job!!!
  4. Do your parents like plants? I go to this website and order their gift pack of mini violets. They ship all over the world and I have purchased these for friends and family and they LOVE them! The website is kinda hokey but the people who own the business are wonderful.


  5. congrats! thats such great news for you! and yes a bag for you is a great idea, for your parents something like www.signaturedays.com would be a great idea you can get them a gift certificate for any amount of money to do a certain activity for mothers day i got my mother and her bf a day on a yacht as part of her gift. They have all different categories, spas, adventure, and other things and are available in a ton of different cities, i dont know if this is something your parents would be into but you should check it out! again Congrats!!
  6. Congrats on landing your dream job! I think a gift cert for your parents' favorite restaurant is a nice gesture. As for you, what about a Balenciaga Work bag? Good luck!
  7. daz good news.. congrats...:amuse:
  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words! It's so exciting (I have been bouncing around all day -- yes, really!)

    Great ideas for my parents too! Now that I think of it, maybe a nice golf outting for the 2 of them. They both love to golf and don't get to golf together much. I might treat them to dinner also!
  9. Congrats on the new job:yahoo: ! Good luck with the apartment, also. Maybe take your parents out to a nice restaurant as a thank you.
  10. As for a bag.. I have been dreaming of an MJ Blake for the longest time!! But, I want to make sure I get something sophiticated enough to use for a nice work bag. (something that will look great with my lunch and a few files stuffed inside.) I haven't seen one in person, do you think I should try to find one in person first?
  11. Congrats!!!!! :biggrin:
  12. Congrats!!!

  13. Congratulations !!! :flowers:
  14. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic :biggrin:

    As for your parents: How about taking them out to dinner at a nice (or their favorite) restaurant. Or maybe a nice gift basket? :smile:
  15. Thats GREAT! Good Luck and Im sure you will do excellent!!
    I just came back from a job interview so maybe some of your luck will rub off on me ;)