I did it!! I got my 2nd GH bag!!! Guess what I got THIS time? >>>

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  1. Anthracite City!!!

    I have been stewing for 3 weeks on what colour to get between marine and anthracite. I brought my gf with me for reinforcement. I needed someone else's opinion at Balny.

    My assistant brought out all the marines and all the anthracites in the Brief. What I originally wanted. I just could not get over the triangular shape though so I thought: let me see anthracite in a city. Just to look.

    Well my God. The assistant walks out and I was like :wtf:
    I swear she was moving in slow motion. I LOVED it!

    I actually SOLD my antharcite twiggy with RH because I wasn't loving the colour but let me tell you: the contrasting bright gold hardware MAKES THIS BAG :tup: Its 10 X better. Seriously.

    Its superb. I took some pics of it on me. I chose the leather finish that I liked the best, lots of distressing and its already slouching in certain areas which I LOVE (there were some smoother ones).

    ps. My gf picked up the anthracite Work with GH. Its stunning and is actually extremely soft/broken in. She got a great one.

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  2. WOW all i can say is WOW... i love the color... the bag looks great on you..
  3. You look so great with that bag! The color is gorgeous too. Congrats - you must be so happy!
  4. Yayy, karenab you made a great choice.:yahoo: It is stunning and looks fab on you. :drool:Congrats :yahoo:i love your outfit and it looks perfect with your Anthracite.:tup::heart:
  5. It's beautiful!!! I also love the distressed, soft, slouchy leather. Congrats to you and your girlfriend on your new purchases!! Oh, and your outfits are always so cute.:tup:
  6. Lordy Lordy!!!

    This Is Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yay! Weren't you looking at these at Bal NY during the Trunk show?

    I think the Anthra w/ GH is gorgeous! Love it!
  8. Hi!

    Yea I was looking at the blues at the show but focused on the Brief. That was what I thought I would return for but like I said, I don't like the triangular shape so the city works better. At the show I was struggling betw. the marine and anthracite.

    I still was tonight! It took a good 45 minutes to finally choose.
  9. Hello you!!!

    I know! I finally decided!! I'm happy with the decision. It will take me through winter nicely as well as right now too when I don't want to carry a black. :yes:
  10. OMG, that is gorgeous! My friend has it in RH and I thought that was beautiful but now I think the GH is the way to go. Congratulations!
  11. That bag is simply GORGEOUS!
  12. gorgeous!!! i really really love the GH on this bag and particular color! great choice, karenab
  13. omg that bag is stunning!!!! LOVES IT CONGRATS!!
  14. Love it, Karen!! Yay, we're AnthaTwins!! :yahoo:

    And of course you look so cute with it... I agree that your outfits are always so adorable. Congrats!!
  15. WOW! It's fabulous! Congrats!