I did it!!! I did it!!! I finally got one!!!

  1. And I looooove it!!! Yay!!!:yahoo:
  2. YAY!!!! CONGRATS!!!! open that baby up!!!:party:
  3. what is it??
  4. It's a white 38mm J12!!!
  5. Looo:huh:Oovely!!! One day I'd love to have one too - in the meantime... drooling over yours!
  6. :drool::drool::drool: I have one, and yet every time I see pics of the white J12, I still drool. It is such a mood-lifter for me. :love::love: Congrats!
  7. Thanks girls!
    Ocgirl-that's sooo great!!! Makes me feel even better about this purchase!!!
  8. it's beautiful!Congrats!:smile:
  9. how much is it? :p
  10. OMG!!!! CONGRATS your J12 is stunning!!! you must be sooo excited
  11. ^^^Thanks girls!!!
    miss_av- it's $4200.
    *Lo- I am super excited!!! It's just soooo pretty!!!

    However, it's pretty big. I need a few links removed. For those who have done this. Do you do it at a regular jewelry/watch store. Or did you do it at Chanel???
    My Saks doesn't carry chanel so it came from another store. What do you guys recommend???
  12. More pics. They're pretty bad, but you can get an idea.


    With my new Balenciaga pale magenta.
  13. congrats, beautiful watch.
  14. Congrats!!! I also got the 38mm but with diamond markers. I had to get 4 links removed. I bought it from Chanel Fine Jewelry here in Hawaii, so they removed the links for me for free.

    I'm assuming there's no Chanel boutique or Chanel Fine Jewelry near to where you're located? If not, I'd take it to a jewelry/watch store or repair shop or what not and have them remove the extra links. MAKE SURE they give you the links back!!! I've heard of some places keeping the links and by the time you realize they didn't give them back, they'll deny that they kept them. :yes:

    Congrats on your beautiful new watch!!! Trust me, you'll wear it every day and find yourself stroking it and drooling at it. Or err.. At least that's what happens to me! :sweatdrop:
  15. ooooh its a beauty congratulations honey :biggrin:

    I had to have links removed from mine (was allowed to try it on before Christmas just to see how many had to be taken off lol ;) ), and im so jealous of yours, as I still have 3 weeks to wait!

    I took mine to Harrods, as it was my closest Chanel seller. It literally took 2 minutes for them to do it (and I took it to the luxury watch department, not within the Chanel dept).