I did it!! I bought the Mini Lin Saumur

  1. I can't believe it..got the go ahead from DH because I was whining about the price increase:smile::smile: woo hoo..can't wait to receive it. I LOVE LOVE mini lin, I got the speedy and zippy wallet last weekend too:yahoo: :yahoo: My SA in San Francisco rocks!!
  2. congrats!
    cant wait to see it!
  3. I was looking at the thread posted last night by someone maybe wanting it and a nice pfer modeled her friends' and that sold me!! Did I see you lurking that thread too??!!
  4. Love da mini lin!!! Speedy and zippy too???!!! darn, jealous,,,, zippy sounds really really good, and Speedy is a must-want.... love da mini lin, i'll say it again...
  5. Christie modelled model it for a friend. It's a great bag. Can't wait to see you modelling yours!
  6. whooooooohoooooooooo!!!

    awesome bag!!! congrats!
  7. woo-hoo :wlae: enjoy and congrats!

    i have the Saumur XL on my "possibly maybe" list too :yes:
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. It's A Nice Bag! Congrats! ;)
  10. congrats...i love moni lin too!!!
  11. congrats!
  12. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: That was the one I wanted to get this Friday! PLEASE post pics of you modeling it... I want to see if I truly want it... but I love it! I'M SOOO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW!!
  13. Hot bag! Can't wait to see pics! :biggrin:
  14. congrats!
  15. Congratulations.