I did it, i bought myself a perfo speedy!!!


Material Girl
Mar 18, 2006
I could not stop thinking about the perfo speedy for days and days, i would catch myself thinking about it at work... So i did it... i bought myself an orange perfo speedy.... it is soooooo gorgeous i cant stop looking at it. I havent been out with it yet, its been really cold here and looks to rain so i think i have to hold off carrying it around until the weather improves. The handles are soooooooooo light, cant wait for them to start changing.. im in love

:love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

i have a very bad camera phone pic of it as my digital camera is not compatible with my mac :sad: Ill try to get better pics though...:smile:

i cant wait for my next LV purchase
i havent heard anything about it reflecting.... do u mean where Louis Vuitton has been perforated into the bag ?? ill have to check that out at night...

its been raining all day here so i havent left the house, but i will take it to work tomorrow and give her a test drive.. cant wait!!!... ive been seeing how much stuff i can cram into it... theres room for all my essentials.. burberry scarf, purse, organiser, phone, ipod, keys, lipglosses, makeup mirror, bottle of water, sunglasses case for my precious chanels.. and theres still so much room!!!! im glad i got the perfo... its just such a change to the traditional monogram and makes it look young and fresh
I carry mine like crazy! It is a great summer bag. (summer year round for me!) I took my white mc speedy on vacation and I was actually missing my perfo! So happy days...Im glad you made the purchase. Great bag!