I did it! I bought my first Chanel bag!!

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  1. So I went to the Chanel boutique for the very first time on Friday. The store was pretty quiet and I was followed around by the security guard while I looked at the purses, guess I should have dressed up a little more :sweatdrop: He went back to guarding the door after an SA came out to help me. I was originally interested in the Grand Shopper but I didn't see any (at least that's what I thought based on VipStyle's pics). All I saw was a smallish looking Shopper and when I asked the SA if it came in a larger size, she said no.

    I was a little disappointed until I came across this bag and I knew I had to have it. :yahoo: I'm not sure what the name of it is, but I'm sure it's a tote of some kind. It's made of deerskin and it has to be the best bag I've purchased to date! The SA showed me the matching wallet as well, I didn't ask how much it was but I figured I'd save it for my next trip. My only complaint with the bag is that it's a little on the heavy side once I get my PDA in there. And so it leaves marks when I'm wearing short sleeves and am carrying it on my arm.

    Anyway, here are some pics of my new baby! Sorry, I'm not a very good photographer. I'll try to get some better ones tomorrow.
  2. :love: 0o0o0o0o LOVE IT!!! excellent choice for your first CHANEL!!! btw, i reckon the pic looks good :wlae:
  3. Beautiful!! I am soooo jealous! My DH promises to buy me my first Chanel for Xmas but that is a long way off....
  4. BEAUTIFUL!! Great first Chanel like HelenZ said!

    Sorry to hear that it leaves marks but hey, it looks good!
  5. I know the feeling! This was my birthday gift and I've been waiting for it for a loooong time ;) Maybe you can ask to open one of your Christmas presents a little bit earlier!
  6. gorgeous! lucky you!
  7. pretty
  8. Love it!!!!!! Congrats! It look wonderful! I am still saving for my first Chanel.
  9. So simple and elegant! It looks timeless. ;)
  10. Ohh, it gorgeous!:nuts: You have great taste, congrats.
  11. wow! :yes: its gorgeous and i love the straps.
  12. Congrats ! It's lovely ! :yes:
  13. congrats, it's beautiful
  14. i love it! congratulations!
  15. Congrats! Love it!