I Did It! Hard Luggage Custom Stripes Results!! *PIX*

  1. so on Oct 20th i was in NYC and dropped off my discontinued Tabor Hard Suitcase at the flagship store to be painted. somehow, they said i was only the second person to ever request the service. anyway, flashforward to today, i got my suitcase back. it was polished, shipped for free, and sent in a new pristine dustbag tied in a bow. i could not be more pleased. it doesn't photograph well, but the colors are a deep purple and a bright forest green. i just love it and couldn't recommend the service more.

    paint 1.JPG paint 2.JPG paint 3.JPG paint 4.JPG paint 5.JPG
  2. Nice! It looks gorgeous on the monogram toile!
  3. wow, nice! it looks so great!
  4. congrats it's cute :yes:
  5. Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, I can keep going if you like. Congrats!!!
  6. I love the colors! very nice!!!
  7. Congrats! It's very pretty color combo! :drool:
  8. HOW CUTE!!!
    What a great idea!
  9. What a great idea...it looks great!!!!
  10. Wow! Looks great--very unique!
  11. Wow! How cute, I didn't know you could do this.
  12. nice~ i like it! the purple looks more blue-ish in the pix huh lol
  13. Very nice!! Looks like a royal blue in the pics but deep purple & forest green make a cool combo!!
  14. So CUTE!!!!!

    Love it :tup:
  15. Beautiful! And really unique! Good color combo.