I did it: Got a black work with GGH!! PICS >>>

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  1. I have wanted a black work with black GGH for a while now and here it is:

    This was the darkest one with the prettiest broken in leather:

  2. With flash:

  3. The back (taken with no flash under table lamp lighting):

    Definitely loving it and using it every day. I will take mod pics later this week...

  4. Now THAT is magnificent leather!!!!! Modeling pics! Isn't Nanaz getting one too?
  5. It looks great. I really like it w the giant hardware. Congrats!
  6. Great bag, congrats!! I would love to see a family shot with your other beautiful BBags :flowers:...pretty please??
  7. Veray veray nice! :graucho:

    The leather does look scrumptious. :drool:
  8. It's lovely..Congrats!
  9. :yahoo::nuts::drool: So Gorgeous!! Congrats!! I love the leather on the GH bags. :heart:
  10. :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  11. Karen that bag is gorgeous.:nuts: I love the leather on it.:drool: Congrats. :yahoo:The waiting paid off.:wlae:
  12. Wow, she's lovely and the leather looks amazing. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!
  13. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Truly scrumptious!
    You sure know how to pick'em!!!
  15. Andy!!! Yours is soooo pretty!!!