I did it !!!! Goodies from NY Hermes sale

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  1. I finally got to go the Hermes sale in NY !! I missed the sales in Paris, felt soooo down for the WHOLE MONTH :crybaby::crybaby:!!!
    I've always wanted to go to the NY sales and did it !! Overall experience is ok, nothing really really exciting..except long line and people pushing.. can't beat the pirce though :rolleyes:
    But to tell you the truth I'd rather spend more money going to the store..the service and atmosphere is TOTALLY different !
    and Hermes does their customer service the BEST !!

    Anyway,,,here they are !

    Orange Garden Party, PM i think...
    Cloth Bolide bag (I'm not sure but think it's a toilery bag, will use for diapers and baby stuffs)
    Raisin Box photo book, (Whoooo... I love the color and BOX !)
    Aqua Chevre Magnetic clip (also shown on the Ulysse notebook)
    Hola Flamenca Plisse (my favorite color !!! White and Blue !)

    The Karos, Ulysses, and Twilly are not from the sales..they're for decoration purpose only :biggrin: (I just thought they'd look cool together..)




    SALE1.jpg SALE2.jpg SALE3.jpg SALE4.jpg
  2. wohoooo congrats with the loot!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Congratulations...they are all beautiful!
  4. Wow, congratulations!!!!
  5. WOOHOOOO!!!!! I love your haul, LTT! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself....it's always great to go to the sale!!!
  6. Wow! You made out quite well, I'd say. Enjoy all those gorgeous goodies!
  7. ^^^Congratulations on ALL YOUR WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL items!! You are SO LUCKY to have been able to go to the SALE!!:yahoo:

    Now, I can't wait to see modelling pics!
  8. Very nice! Glad you had a chance to go and give us a report! Love the picture album especially!
  9. Nice loot- Love it all!!! That garden party is GAWG_E_O_U_S!!!!!!
  10. congratulations on the beautiful items. the garden party is gorgeous.. :smile:
  11. Congrats!!! Love the pics!
  12. WOW!!! Lots gorgeous goodies!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. LOVE that Garden Party and everything else!

    SO happy for you!
  14. ooh beautiful! love the garden party and the plisse. can i ask how much the plisse was? you can pm me if you want. thanks! i think i'll try and make it over there tomorrow. did they make you put your bag somewhere?
  15. LUCKY YOU!!! ESP love that GP!!! You did great w/ all that LOOT!!!!! Wish we had that kind of sale here in H-Town!! CONGRATS!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: