i did it. finally.

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  1. so, i did it.
    i took in all the advices and looked at the pictures till 3am last night and finally decided on the classic flap in medium!!!!!

    i just ordered through NM and am waiting impatiently for it to arrive.

    i got it in Caviar black.


    yay!!!! no price increase for me!!!
  2. woooohooooooooooooooo

    Congratulations, cannot wait to see piccies of your first flap :smile:
  3. ya, can't wait to see pics, congrats
  4. Congrats :tup:!cant' wait for your pics too!
  5. :woohoo: Good for you!! Enjoy your beautiful bag.
  6. You've made an excellent choice! That's my favorite Chanel bag! :heart:
  7. Good for you!
  8. Congrats. It's a wonderful bag. You'll love it.
  9. congrats on the classic piece! can't wait to see your pics!
  10. Yay! Congrats! Your hard work and research will surely pay off! Can't wait to see photos!!
  11. OH!!!! Good for you girl!!!! I almost bought the same bag today...I even talkekd to my SA but decided against it...I have waaaaay too much $$ going out in the next few weeks..I came home to find my house stripped and all the new siding piled in plastic in the driveway..UGH!! I can't wait until this crap is over!! Emmy wants what you got girl!!! Congrats!!!..and enjoy!!! Can't wait for the pics!! Do you know if the inside of this bag is maroon?
  12. Great choice, congrats!
  13. wow, perfect choice!

    such a classic black that u surely would keep forever.. :tup:
  14. congrats! make sure you post pics when you get her!
  15. i hope tt all horrid things will end soon for u and that you will find urself in a better position soon!!!! lifes liddat, ups and downs, i am so sick of it too!

    i still hasnt seen any pics of mine yet, tt is how impatient i was! i just called and order! but when i finally get it, i will post up pics of it =))

    ps, the increase in price stopped me from waiting and i dun think i will be getting anymore because i am just not that crazy about the new price.......