I did it. Fickle me, finally got it.

  1. After days of debating wheather i should get the Giant Anthracite City (since i did not like the one w/RH) i finally got one.:yahoo::dothewave::tup: It arrived today and i love it. :yes:The best leather ever and i love the Teal Blue in mine. Enjoy the pics.:heart: Not promoting or selling, just sharing my joy with you all.:p
    IMG_2502 (2).JPG IMG_2504 (2).JPG IMG_2505 (2).JPG IMG_2501 (2).JPG
  2. that is really gorgeous!!! I want a city in anthracite and now I am actually considering the giant city w/GH. Is there a difference in the leather in the RH and GH city?
  3. Congrats,Nanaz!! It's gorgeous....love the leather!!:tup:
  4. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Ooooooooo wow that is gorgeous. Congrats!
  6. No difference. I just like the Anthracite w/GH better than RH.:yes: GH brightens the color up.:tup:
  7. Love the leather, Nanaz! I really want an anthracite - the leather on the anthracite looks like the best leather of the season. Smooshy to the max. I know you have either a natural or a sandstone - can't recall off the top of my head - how would you compare the anthracite leather to your sandstone? :?:
  8. congrats!
  9. Very elegant combo of color and hardware!
  10. WOWZA! The leather on that bag is AMAZING! So smooshey and soft and....YUM! Congrats!

    Btw, is it just me or do the bbags with GH have consistently gorgeous leather?:drool:
  11. lovelygarments - I would say Sandstone and Anthracite both have wrinkly, distressed, soft and smooshy leather. :drool:For some reason the Giant hardware bags have thicker and more wrinkly leather than RH and the color is little different (IMO). :tup:You can't go wrong with either color if you decide to get one. :heart:
  12. Lovely! Congrats - love the colour of yours!
  13. Yes you are right,:yes: for some reason GH has the best and yummiest leather ever.:drool:
  14. Beautiful bag Nanaz!!!!! Are there no tassles on GH bags?

  15. So happy for you Nanaz. I just had a genuine smile come to my face - after reading all of the unhappy news here today, it was nice to smile. :love: