I did it! Bought the green Roxy featured on the Purseblog home page!

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  1. I've been hankering for a Roxy forever now. And when I saw the gorgeous grass green one featured on the Purseblog homepage I just had to get it!!!


    I simply cannot wait to get it - its a total dream come true to finally be a mama to a Roxy - and can't believe that its in my favorite color too! I'll post pics as soon as it comes in.

  2. Well done you, I have never seen that colour before, goes to show how much I notice the homepage lol.

    Congratulations so pleased for you! Can't wait to see the pictures when it arrives!
  3. Gorgeous!! Never seen a Roxy in that colour before!
  4. I think it was the color that really cinched it for me. I absolutely adore Kelly Green - and to see it on a Roxy bag just made it simply irresistable!
  5. I saw it yesterday on Purseblog and it is stunning. If you have been wanting a Roxy, I can definately understand why you got this. I too love green. Congrats! Will be looking forward to pics.
  6. Gorgeous colour!!!!!
  7. Oh my word, the colour of that is just beautiful!!! Please would you post some pictures of it when it arrives?
  8. Oh wow! That's looks nice!!! Post pics when you get it. And CONGRATS!!
  9. Wow, its a beautiful colour, I've not seen one in that colour before. As Hula says, we'd love to see photos when the bag arrives.
  10. Beautiful green. Love it! Wonder if it's only for US market???
  11. Fabulous colour!
  12. wow - stunning bag! cant wait for pics!
  13. Gorgeous - I saw one at Bicester in the summer but it soon went. They are seriously bright and beautiful!
  14. Beautiful colour Roxy! Congrats! Looking forward to modeling pics when your new bag arrives!
  15. Hoorah! That's a good looking bag :tup: