I did it!! Bordeaux Reissue!!!

  1. Well, I took the plunge girls! I decided on the bordeaux over the dark gold. And, here she is. Isn't she LOVELY?! :heart:
  2. She's STUNNING :yahoo:, such a gorgeous color and I really love the silver hardware with this color. Congrats!
  3. Gorgeous! Enjoy it.
  4. It is so pretty! Congrats!!!
  5. That is the most beautiful, I have it on my favorites from another member. OMG, just so beautiful. What size is it?
  6. Breath taking*

    Congrats on the beauty
  7. I just love all of the reissues. Congratulations. It's beautiful.:love:
  8. It's gorgeous. Now you need a pair of matching shoes. :x *evil* ahhaha
  9. Beautiful!! Please let us know what size this one is!
  10. Thank you, girls! This baby is the 226- the perfect size IMO ;)
  11. BEAUTIFUL!:heart:
  12. Just lovely!:love:
  13. I love the color, great decision.
  14. Congrats~~~ Beautiful color!!!!!!!
  15. Oh my goodness. You did good. :smile: She's beautiful.