I did it and now I'm sad :(

  1. I listed some of my bags on Ebay today.
    I didn't think I'd be sad about it.
    The damn things have been unused for years, I have the Batignolles Horizontal that I love and use DAILY.

    I actually have this PIT in my stomach that some of my babies may end up in new homes...
    Maybe it's because every bag was purchased to commemmorate a special occasion (my birthday, valentine's day...)

    I'm selling these because I'm contemplating a Theda or a Hudson and the few I listed, I NEVER USE...but now I'm having ebay listers remorse. :sad:

    Thought I'd share and get some sympathy from girls who have been there.

    Hopefully they'll sell, some girls will be ridiculously happy with their Louis' and I can get something new to take the sting away :hrmm:
  2. I've asked my sister in law to sell some of my bags for me several times. But every time she lists them on eBay I ask her to end the listing early because I can't seem to part with any of them!!!:hrmm: Sorry, I am not really being very helpful!!!:oh:
  3. have you listed a LV cerise at all? Im still searching for one.
  4. Oh I feel you. It happens to me all the time. I just listed a vernis and a cerises on eBay (my two favorite lines) but I just don't use them anymore. I'm hoping no one bids so I can keep my babies and say to myself "ohh it wasn't meant to be" hahaha
  5. I feel the same way! I just listed my Vavin GM but.. I can't just let her go to any old house. She needs to be loved and cared for!
  6. I feel for ya! Been there, done that. It's all good though. I really appreciate the ones I have left. And, after all, they're only handbags. Ebay is actually the reason I have more bags now than ever before. If I don't like it, or I'm not using it, I can just sell it.
  7. Think of how happy you'll be when you get the Theda or Houston! Wouldn't that somewhat compensate for your "loss"? :biggrin: Look on the bright side!
  8. I know how you feel ! But since you weren't using them and there is something that you want more, I think in the end you will be happier selling them than hanging on to them. If you keep them won't it continue to bother you that you have $$$s tied up in bags you don't use ? I would look at it that way.

    It is hard for me to part with my LVs as well, but if they are sitting there unused, and someone wants what I have, then I can usually let it go without too much sadness. That said, I have never been able to list one of my bags on Ebay. I would only sell them to someone I "knew". But I hate dealing with ebay and all the horror stories make me too nervous!

    Guess I probably wasn't too much help ?
  9. I just sold 3 of them in the past two days. Bout to sell 2 more LVs. They actually bring in a lot of money. I guess it's good for the upcoming bag. But I'm saving up the money for school or something.
  10. I totally understand... *sniff* I get emotional every time I think about all the beauties I've let go...

    But a new LV usually brightens me up pretty quick! :yes:
  11. i was contemplating selling a bag for a great deal... but then i changed my mind. even if u rarely use it, its nice to look at hahahaha.. but hey.. that extra cash for something u will use more is definitely worth it.

  12. stratsey, think about the future Theda or Hudson that you can get later on by selling your old bags, that could prolly cheer you up :flowers:
    I had a situations where I rebought the bag I've sold *shame* :love: It was my red cream cb retro, I missed it so much after I sold it I just had to rebought it.
  13. I've been getting offers from people that I can TELL are resellers who want to buy my bags and probably make a profit by selling them to someone else.

    I already went the route of trying to sell to people I know (then I'd have visitation LOL) but nothing panned out.

    There's a part of me that hopes no one bites :shame: but you're right, it'll be nice for someone to enjoy them more than I've been able to.
  14. Awww, it's always hard to part with memories, BUT think of all the new AWESOME memories to come. New bag = new adventures :love:

    Oh and if you link your auctions in the thread, maybe some PFers will buy your bags so you'll know they went to a good home? :amuse::flowers:
  15. I understand totally! It's sad to let the bags go on eBay, but especially in the case of unused bags, it's best :biggrin: I've only ever regretted selling one bag on eBay (I've sold probably 50+ over the years) and I'm still convinced that I made the right decision with the bag I regret selling (like you, I just didn't use it). I'm gearing up to sell some LV bags on ebay too and though I hate to lose them, it really is the smart decision in a lot of cases. Plus you'll get new bags, yay! :smile: