I did it again, went to pick up a repair, and went home with this!

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  1. hi ladies!

    this is 2 for 2 of me going into the LV store to pick up something and left with something new (when i had zero intention of buying!)

    i went to LV on Saturday to pick up my Speedy azur 30 which they were replacing the piping for (which they did an excellent job with,especially since it was free to repair!). I had about 15 minutes to spend just looking around waiting for my bag and found a scarf that i just had to have to replace the LV cashmere stole that was stolen from me last year :sad:

    does anyone else own this Logomania scarf? I just want to know how it holds up in the elements, and if gets dirty too easily? Just wondering. I was thinking of purchasing another stole, but this scarf really caught my eye. Scarf owner's, what do you think? :biggrin:
    Thanks for letting me share!


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  2. Very pretty!
  3. it's gorgeous -- congrats!!
  4. Nice - model pics?
  5. wow very nice :biggrin:
  6. Sooo nice..congrats!
  7. Oooo I love it!! Great buy. I want an lv scarf now ^_^
  8. what a classic piece! Congrats!
  9. So pretty, congratulations!
  10. ooh, very lovely......congrats!!!
  11. The scarf is so pretty!!
    Congeats (;
  12. aahh you have great taste...I love it.
  13. I almost got that scarf! Do you have a modeling pic with it on? I'd like to see what it looks like since I was going to buy it online.

    It's so cute!
  14. that scarf looks fab! congrats!
  15. Beautiful scarf!!

    Would love to see modeling pics :smile: