I did it again...forgot I had this bag!

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  1. I was just searching through my photobucket account to find pictures of my bags I use for Disney...and I came across this:


    I TOTALLY forgot I owned this bag! I'm so lame!

    I can use this now, right? It's April in New England...kinda hit or miss with the weather...but this is okay for now, right?​

  2. Ha, ha...yeah I've done that!! I think you should be able to use it now!

    I forget all the time what I have, lol, so I took the time to try to make it easier for me to tell what's in each closet. I have all my bags organized on shelves in closets, and I keep them all in dust bags rather than "on display". So I printed out pics for each one, laminated them, and attached the appropriate pic to my shelf under each bag. At the moment, they are not organized that well by brand like they used to be since I've bought and sold some, but at least at a glance I can tell what I have.
  3. Of course you can wear it now! It would look great. :tup:
  4. That bag is so pretty! Use it!

    I had the Carly in this print and I wish I had never sold it.
  5. That is gorgeous, is it a slim or full size ?
  6. Of course you can. Leme tell you if its an orange bag with rainbow poka dots and the dead of winter, if I like it I wear it. Be who you are and wear what you love regaurdless of season, color etc.:yes:
  7. thanks!

    It's a slim...and the wallet is a multifunction wallet. (bit small for me now, but i like the matchy-matchiness. hehehe)
  8. Kimmie, I didn't think YOU had a "dead of winter" season in sunny California!! hee hee Not that I am jealous or anything.:P

    Deweydrop, I think you can definitely use this bag now!:yes: I have a large Carly in the denim version of this print and I plan on breaking her out any day now!!
  9. Hey - anything under 50 degrees is the "dead of winter" here in Cali;)

    That's a cute bag and is a pretty seasonless style and color - could wear it anytime!
  10. :tup:;) Right one Kimmie!! This is my philosophy!!! Who cares what season it is!!
  11. LOL, I can't believe you forgot you had that bag! I only have 3 so if i forgot...haha

    I say you can rock it now! :tup:
  12. I would say YES!

    And I also want to say congrats again (I did on your post about pregnancy awhile ago) I see you have made it past those first trimester weeks! SO CONGRATS! :smile:
  13. That bag is so nice - definitely break it out! And I know what you mean about forgetting which bags you have - I keep referring back to the group shot I took to post here - its really coming in handy!
  14. Why thank you! (and yes, BIG sigh of relief making it past the first tri!)

    yeah, I have a bit of a habit. Have quite a large collection, alot are packed up being that our house was on the market for a while and I had to "declutter" my closets. heheh

    Now I just have to FIND this bag. hehehe
  15. That bag is so pretty, use it, use it now!!!