I did it again! Another ebay deal coming up!

Jul 25, 2007
I am on a roll lately. First I got a black Kristin hobo for $199, then my gray Julianne for $170 and bordeaux Ali for $130. My last and most expensive, I figured, wishlist item is a plum Maggie, which are getting hard to come by, imo. I let one slip away at $225 the same time I got the Ali, so i figured on ebay I'd be upwards of $300 for it. I just won a plum Maggie, NWT, for $250! I have a lime Maggie that I got at my outlet for around $200, so once again, after tax and gas$, I break about even. Woo hoo! It was $350/bo and again, I put in $250 as a "what the heck" kinda bid and it was accepted! Im shocked. My collection right now is complete - this was the last bag I really wanted. Full pics when it arrives but here is the auction one.


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