I DID get the large Mabel in Chocolate

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  1. It was 60 per cent of at Mulberry Stockholm so I paid about £ 355.

    I'm hoping that I won't regret it.
  2. That is great news! And also a great price!! Please post pictures!!
  3. Oh lovely!! :smile: Did they still have a lot of bags? I went last week, but might drop by again soon.. just to visit.. hrm. :smile:
  4. wow a great price for a great bag! Congrats
  5. That's a really good price. Congatulations. Hope you love it.
  6. ooh lovely- i need to see pictures!!!
  7. Congratulations, a lot of pics please
  8. Ooooo congrats, looking forward to the piccies.
  9. Congrats lea-m! Great price too. Looking forward to pics when it arrives!
  10. Wow , you did get a bargain !
  11. Wow, congratulations it is a lovely bag, fab shade and a great price too!
  12. :woohoo:Congrats on a great buy Lea! How are you btw, hope you're feeling better now?
  13. Congrats Lea-m! Choco Mabel is a fantastic bag. I have the regular Mabel in chocolate antiqued leather and I love it to bits!!!!
  14. wow what a fab price! well done - cant wait to see pics!!
  15. Thanks all of you. I am admiring her right now. I will get hubby to take some pics when he can fin the time.

    Annie in Sweden: I just popped in during my lunch hour, they did have a few bags left but I did not pay to much attention to them. I was busy using my Master Card ;)

    I noticed two other large Mabels in Chocolate.

    alycat: I am feeling better but I have 12 more days to go with the injections and then an appointment with my doctor.