I did get something for Valentines!!

  1. Sorry I didnt post the pics last night, I cam back home at 11 pm. I took pictures this morning.

    I so wanted this shoes for so long but I called JAX and the SA was being a jerk to me and I didnt buy them so I called the store and they did have my size but in a different color and they were gonna charge me 138 plus shipping and tax when they actually were only 58!! So I passed :sad:.

    The SA on the phone (JAX) was a total jerk and actually sight to me, WFT?? So I say Thank you and hung up on her and gave up the possibility of owning these shoes. I told DH what happened and he said he was gonna call them and complain and I told him to forget about it. And I did the same, I had no idea he got them for me and he had them for a couple of weeks or more, I was surprise and happy :love: DH he is the swettest thing ever. I love them and the matching dustbag is super cute too.

    We are gonna celebrate valentines this saturday because I had to work last night but we are going shopping this weekend and we'll se if I find something I like. :yahoo:

    Now to the pics.. no STRIPPING!!!




  2. Beautiful!

    I saw those shoes in the store the other day. I wanted them so bad!
  3. so cute! I'm wearing mine right now!! :tup:
  4. i love those they too cute :heart::tup:
  5. Thank you girls, I know I wanted these shoes so bad and they are so cheap too, too bad my size (6) is sold out everywhere.
  6. Those shoes are gorgeous! I love the legacy stripe lining!
  7. Oh how adorable. I want them now!!
  8. those are sooo cute and i love the pouch it comes with!
  9. so cute!! i love the dustbag, too!
  10. those are SUPER cute!!!! =)
  11. awww.... he's so sweet. Those look great on you!
  12. Congrats, how sweet of DH and the flats are GORGEOUS!!! I love the Jilly style!
  13. omg those are to DIE for!
  14. How cute!! I love them!!
  15. adorable! congrats!