I Did Get Scammed!!!

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  1. I bought a brand new golf set from a seller I did not check before I hit the BIN!!!
    and paid via cashier's check right away...:lecture:
    Now as I was so hoping that the seller would still be an honest merchant...
    is a HIGHJACKER!:cursing:
    I have asked help from the ebay boards and are giving me advises
    and ways to get my money back...if I'm lucky. :sad:
    I'm so sad... first time to get scammed or cheated...
    I dont even gamble coz I hate loosing money...
    now I lost money on a very dishonest person!!!:crybaby:
  2. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It happened to me too way back when. It sucks when people are just low life criminals.

  3. Thanks Anne...
    I'm just feeling really down right now...
    but did you get your money back?
  4. I was almost scammed 2 times from ordering off auction sites. Thank goodness both times i pushed so much i got the things i ordered. Just keep trying!
  5. Oh I am sorry! I hope you get your money back!
  6. Sarsi, have you tried to obtain their contact info through ebay? Ebay sends them an email if you do that and that will usually get their attention. Don't give up though. I had a seller wait nearly one month to ship me something. I kept emailing and calling her until she sent the items. I hope you get your money back or get the items. Good luck
  7. I've been mailing the seller almost everyday...
    hoping she'd get annoyed enough to send me the set.
    Till finally today I asked help from ebay board trust and security...
    To check if the seller name was highjacked... it seems it was...:sad:

    I do hope so too...
    but I think from the looks of it this is gonna be a long fight for my money...:sad:

    I already got the info from ebay,
    I called the number of the seller and it was a law office
    and did not know who I was looking for.
    the last name of the ebay account regitered was not the same last name I send the check to...
    and not the same address or even state.

    Somehow I would say its my fault...
    I should have seen the danger signs before I hit the BIN!
    • the account was 3 years dormant and no selling history.
    • then just pop up back selling golf sets!
    • would only accept money order or cashier's check
    • 10 days handling time from receiving a cleared payment!
    • :lecture: :noggin:
  8. Daer Sarsi,
    I am so sorry. Remember what we talked about filing an eBay claim. Although it is only $200, the amount is still better than none.

    Just make sure that in the future no matter how irresistible the item appears, always walk away if you cannot pay by charge card (Paypal cash is still not good enough), because you can always get your money back fast by reversing charge. I know some honest sellers prefer non-credit card payment, you just have to be extremely careful when making an exception.

    Although it is a costly lesson (and most of us have similar encounter), just think that being wiser and more vigilent now, you may save much more in future deals.
  9. Oh, NO! I'm sorry to hear this! Ack, what is up with these scams? Ebay's not what it used to be...
  10. Sarsi,I'm sorry you were taken advantage of in this manner.
  11. Sarsi~ I am sorry too! Get a lawyer....I am.:yes: ...How much $ are we talking? If you don't mind me asking...:sad: The reason is that depending on the amount~ the legality will be higher...
  12. I am so sorry, Sarsi. I've been following this, hoping that it would turn out well. There are so many :cursing: crooks in the world taking advantage of ethical people like you. It won't help you feel any better, but you certainly are not alone--it's happened to way too many people on eBay and elsewhere.

    Good luck in getting at least a partial refund. :heart:
  13. lesson learned, never pay by cashier's check, always use CC with paypal!! I hope you get your money back, filing a complaint with ebay will help, and you could also report to the seller's local police that they stole you money. You have the address I hope!
  14. I am so sorry this happened. EBay seems to be getting more perilous all the way around -- for buyers and sellers.
  15. I hope you get your $ back somehow. :sad: