I did an awesome thing today!

  1. Today while I was eating at the food court, I saw an LV mizi unattended. I looked around to see if anyone would claim it. After 2 minutes passed, I finally realized that someone that left/forgot thier LV!

    First thing that crossed my mind was the owner of the purse, how'd I'd be freaking out if I lost my purse! :wtf:

    So, I stopped eating, picked up the purse, and reported it to security.

    I hope the purse gets reunited with the owner!!!!
  2. How do you just leave a purse? Let alone a Mizi.
  3. Well done you saved an bag! That is a bad Mizi mommie! Did you check if there was an ID in it?
  4. exactly, those were my thoughts!
  5. I didnt want to go through its stuff, I just went straight to security and reported it. Id figure security will do all that.

    I was trying to make up a scenario on how she couldve left her bag.

    .... her hands were probably filled with shopping bags, a stroller, a baby inside, and her 2 yr old crying and throwing a tantrum???? so she left to the disney store to make her 2yr old stop crying?

    I had no clue... but I hope she gets her bag back!
  6. WOW... On my behalf, thank you for doing that. That was very kind of you. My mom left a little black pouch [non-LV] in the bathroom that had her checks, driver's license, and credit cards inside... We went crazy for about 30 mins until we FINALLY found the security office... Luckily someone turned it in. For whoever found it and turned it in, thank you too. :P
  7. Once at my old job, I was re-folding a stack of shirts and found a woman's wallet there in the pile. I picked it up and just wondered how a wallet could fall out of a bag and get buried in a pile of clothes. I didn't even look inside, I just took it right to the register. I knew if I looked inside and saw money, I'd be waaaaaaay too tempted. LOL
  8. i would've taken it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man!! how could u hv let a mizi go??:wtf:

  9. That's really nice of you!

    Also I agree that it's best just to bring it directly to security because you just don't know what's in the bag and what if you went in meaning to look for ID for a name and the person came back and thought you were trying to steal the bag or something?

    Anyways, just wanted to say that was very commendable and shows you have integrity cuz I don't think everyone on this earth would've turned it in!
  10. That was SO NICE of you! I hope if I ever leave my purse behind, some one would be honest enough to turn it in. Good karma is coming your way!!!
  11. Well done!!!

    Is it real?? which mizi vienna or mono???
  12. OMG! A Mizi! I would have died!

    Good for you for doing the honorable thing! :yes: Hopefully, you left your name and number for the owner to call and thank you. :flowers: Then you can ensure that security did actually return it to the owner (you never know - maybe security is LV obsessed too!). :graucho:

  13. The first time I went to the LV store in Rodeo, I left my black Givenchy bag (second top right in my signature) at the store right next to the couch I was sittting on :lol:
    Thank goodness I had not gone far (went to Dior afterwards) when I realized it and went back for it.
    Want to know the craziest thing, no one noticed it :wtf: I guess the security must have figured it belong to someone who was still in the store and didn't touch it :P
  14. Wow..I hope the person gets it back. But I'm so glad it was an honest person like you who found it!
    One time in Costco, I'd found someone's Amex by the registers and turned it in to the store. I'd be SICK if I lost something like that.
  15. Yeah! for you....I have been on both ends! Found a wallet at the mall on top of a change machine and turned it in to security. Not long after that I lost my wallet and it was turned in! I always figured it was my good deed being returned to me ;)