I did a little "watercoloring" today!

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  1. So I thought I'd share. I returned my small watercolor hand tote and got the large watercolor hobo instead! It is so cool I just love it. So as I was checking out this little turtle keyfob kept calling my name:woohoo: I think its such a cute little summer addition to a great summery bag!:wlae:
    Ebay Pics 277.jpg Ebay Pics 278.jpg Ebay Pics 280.jpg
  2. So cute! Perfect for the summer.
  3. Congrats!!!! I LOVE it!!! And the turtle, too!
  4. Oooh. I love your bag and assortment of goodies(accessories)! :biggrin:
  5. love it! congrats.
  6. Congrats, the turtle looks so cute.
  7. awesome, what made you return the tote?

  8. Other than the fact it was a little too small and handheld, the zipper drove me nuts:p
  9. thanks, I was debating between the hobo and the larger tote (both $198) and I got the tote - mostly because they didn't have the hobo in the stripe. Now I'm debating the hobo...:graucho:
  10. Oh gosh thats right. Didnt you have a thread on being 37 and wondering what everyone thought? Hehe Im 37 and just love the watercolor and scribble line. Watercolor moreso though. How do you like your tote?
  11. Very cute for summer!! The watercolor line is quickly growing on me!! I got the mini skinny the other day... and I may need to add to that!! :yes:
  12. I am more of a "structured" bag lady, but the double straps I think are going to drive me nuts. It's actually going to be my mother's day gift, so I won't get to "test drive" it until next week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to exchange it for the hobo tomorrow though. I'm kicking myself for not getting it last week though, the Macy's by my work had them, so of course, I didn't get 20% off.:crybaby:

    Your pictures are great though!
  13. Congrats on your new goodies!
  14. lovely hobo! colors are so pretty
  15. The turtle is perfect for that bag!!! It screams beach and summer to me. LOVE it!