I did a little Beauty Shopping

  1. Ok, so I did a little shopping yesterday. Here are a few pics of my makeup purchases.

    Here is my new BB tinted lip balm, hydrating eyecream, and some Shiseido mascara base.


    Here is my MAC paint in bare canvas, Fluidline in Rich Ground, and a 266 brush for it. That's what the MA recommended. Do you think that's a good brush for fluidline?


    Nars shadows in Night Fever and Ondine. I bought these from B&BW. The girl working there (I hope wasn't a MA) put that MU on with a wet qtip. I looked like a clown. I know better now.


    Another petite planner page for my TM Beauty case and 2 definers and a #6 brush.


    Here is my newest perfume to my collection. It's Lolita 2.

  2. wow, that's a lot of stuff. enjoy!
  3. Thats not little, Great stuff! Congrats!
  4. nice i saw this on mua too haha
  5. wow, nice haul. i love lolita 2 so much.
  6. OMG.... I'm drooooling :drool::drool::drool:

    I love your trish mcevoy planner page. you have more pages?!?!

    i only have the small compact and 4 eyeshadows. do you use all your eyeshawdows?? i love their colors but i worry that i'll buy them and not use them =P

    I have NARs Ondine and i love it.

    I love BB too!!

    They all look lovely!! congrats!!
  7. Oh wow! You got really great things! How is the BB tinted lip balm?
  8. Oh, I want to try the BB tinted lip balm. I have their regular lip balm and I love it. I'm addicted. Good purchases!
  9. wow, when you go shopping you really GO SHOPPING. love your haul.
  10. Great stuff you got there! i looove mac fluidline, but i use eyeliner brush 209, the brush you've got is adequate for the job, but i find 209 is alot easier to use :smile:
  11. Love the stuff... especially the perfume.
  12. Elongreach, you're too funny! Didn't you just post not too long ago about all the make up you have? You could open a store, LOL
    Great stuff though!
  13. Yes, this is my second page. I use the first page for work every day. These two definers are Arabian Nights and can't remember the green name, but it brings out the brown in my eyes. I find Trish very appropriate for work.

    I tend to do my Bobbi up big time. But the tinted lip balm is great. I'm planning to get some more in a few weeks. I hope they are limited edition.
  14. Nice haul. I love the BB stuff-does the tinted lip balm have a color? I'm searching online and I find a whole bunch of stuff, but couldn't find it on her website. TIA.
  15. ^^It's not online yet. It's on NM website I heard. It does have color and there are 8 shades. Some have more color than others.