I desperatly need help to find my dream bag!

  1. Hi everyone, I came across the forum whilst searching through god knows how many bag websites in search of my dream bag, and thought you guys might be able to help me.

    Its my birthday in September and my boyfriend has decided he wants to buy me a handbag, of course hes left it upto me to choose one, as long as a promise that "it won't be a use it for a season and then it'll be stuffed in my wardrobe" kinda bag, like my other ones. So I'm kinda looking for my dream bag, one that makes a big statement, but is also classic, that would look as fresh in 10 years as it would today. I hate anything too logo-ed (like Louis Vuitton) too.

    He said he doesnt want to spend much more than $1000, but it could be pushed further if the bag is just perfect and worth the extra money.

    In terms of colour I'm thinking silver/pewter/gunmetal colours as they go with everything, and are much more eyecatching than plain black (as alot of my wardrobe is black based), although a gorgeous black bag would be fine too. My look is sort of glamourous rock and roll, if that makes sense. To give you a better idea of the sort of bag I wan't, here are some of the bags i like:
    *Chloe Paddington - Im seriously thinking about telling him to get me this one, in anthracite, but I'm worried its not classic enough and it will end up in the attic.
    *Marc Jacobs Stam - Love the mixture of slouchy casual and structured elegance in the bag, but its too much of an 'IT' bag for me and I'd prefer something less obvious.
    *Burberry Prorsum studded bags (can't remember the name of them, but ones shiny silver covered in pyramid studs, and the others the black one covered in studs in the new ads) - I LOVE both of these bags, but they are just much too expensive. I like the plain Beaton bags too.
    *YSL Downtown - Again, quite over budget, and I'm not sure if I'd still love it as much in a few years.
    *Miu Miu East West Rouched Tote & Bow Satchel - I love both of these, and neither are too obvious either. Both are within budget, but neither come in metallic, only black and I'm not as keen on the black versions as the other colours.
    *Mulberry for Giles Large Drawstring Hobo - Gorgeous but too much over budget.

    I hope the list gives you a rough idea of the kind of bag I'm looking for, and I'd really appriciate any suggestions, as I'm going out of my mind trying to find a bag that I'll still love as much in a few years as I will now, and wont be at the back of my wardrobe after a few seasons! Also, I don't mind if its not current season, as long as my boyfriend will be able to get a hold of it. Hopefully you'll all be able to help me come to a decision before my birthday! And I'll be sure to post pictures when it arrives :smile:

    Thanks, Steph x
  2. You might want to consider Balenciaga bags too.
  3. What about a Balenciaga bag? I think they are so pretty. You should check out the subforum (is that the correct name?) with that title and look at their pictures
  4. lol Lady V you were thinking what I was thinking but beat me to it! :smile:
  5. Or my other thought was what about a Devi Kroell bag?
  6. Yeah, I was thinking Balenciaga, I do love the city bags, and i think there is a metallic silvery one of those too...Hmm. I will deffinatly look into that. Do you think a Balenciaga bag is more classic, and longer lasting than a Chloe or Mulberry?
    Any other suggestions? The more suggestions, the more likely I am to find 'the one' heh :amuse: Thanks guys.
  7. what about checking out andrew marc? his newer bags come in a gunmetal color...cole haan has some great new gunmetals and they are less expensive than your budget (thinking get 2 bags...lol)...kooba, botkier, gryson, bulga..just naming whatever brands are popping into my head; not sure all of them have gunmetal...hope this helps!
  8. Wow what a lovely idea for a birthday present.

    You could do worse than to start with the Net-a-porter explorer - this allows you to pick say handbags, then you can click on a metallic bag and it will show similar styles. Gives you some ideas.


    This Jimmy Choo is beautiful:


    Mulberry bags are classic, IMO. Their metallic leather is gorgeous. Their bronze Bayswater is stunning.
  9. Just my thoughts. Have you looked at City bags yet? Very classic and stylish. Can be dressed up or down. The new ones with the Giant hardware are very classy. I dont have one yet, but it's right up at the top of my wish list (If only I could save money long enough). I have a Stam bag and although it is one of my favorites and is very durable and I really couldnt live with out it, I think if your looking for a bag that will last thru the ever changing fads, I'm just not sure the Stam is the one. However, if the Stam does go out of style, I dont know that I wont still carry mine!
  10. bottega veneta sloane in ferro (iron).
  11. i totally second that.

    i was just going to suggest that bag until i scrolled down to see val's post! ;)

    you can find more information on the style and color under the Bottega Veneta subforum.

    i've seen it in real life and it's a more muted, subtle pewter color with hints of metallic. absolutely gorgeous.

    * forgot to add it's the bag on the left (Sloane) which is more of a slouchy shoulder bag type and the one on the right (Roma) is more structured and a satchel type with adjustable straps.
    BV Iron.JPG
  12. I'm in love with the slouch of the BV Roma above, it looks incredibly roomy. And very "rocker chic"...

    I wanted to add, I've seen some handbag offerings from Diesel in Harper's Bazaar magazine. I can't seem to find the handbags on their website, but it's got that rocker sensibility... gritty and usable.
  13. How about a bronze coloured Mulberry bayswater? If i can find one I'll post a piccie!
  14. Devi Kroell large metallic python hobo (but could be trendy) or Mulberry is always a classic, I love...timeless, made well yet stylish, sophisticated people "know it" and it's unassuming...