I desperately need a new hairstyle. help!

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  1. I need inspiration. Can you guys help me out? My hair is getting very long, I haven't had it cut in about 2 yrs so it has NO style or body whatsoever. I want to keep it longish still. bf hated my hair when it was really short. at least shoulder length I guess.

    I have thin hair and not a lot of it. It is stick straight and pretty flat, no volume. I'm asian, but don't have typical thick thick asian hair. My hair's pretty much yorkie hair. yorkietalk.com/forums/images/smilies/biggrin.gif thin and silky, that is if I ever brushed it.

    If any of your guys browse celeb sites or beauty sites, keep me in mind and save some pics for me. Maybe you are seeing some pics I'm not bc I'm not seeing anything I like so far. I want something on the edgier side, but fairly low maintenance. I'm not against bangs or anything either. I like waves but my hair won't really hold them. I've previously always had straight choppy layers done, but I've gained some weight, and feel maybe softer waves would look better than straight layers? I've just been wearing my hair pulled back for the longest time and I'm sick of it. HELP!
  2. You are probably going to have to cut at least a few inches off since you went so long without cutting it, if you want it to look really healthy. I've been looking for shorter styles (shoulder length) because my ahir is really long, and I think I'm going to go with just some layers in the end and long bangs in the front but I can't find any pictures yet either.
  3. Waves would look really nice. You can keep it long probably, just have 1 1/2 inches cut off for a healthy trim.