I Deserve To Be Beaten

  1. I have no willpower. I even asked you all to tell me bad things about the Speedy but....

    my finger slipped and I hit the BIN button and ended up with this. I paid $475 plus $25 shipping. Do you think that was reasonable for the condition of this bag? Beans and rice for the next month...
    speedy30.jpg speedykey.jpg speedytag.jpg
  2. don't be so hard on yourself. i think that 475 seems like a good price for a bag in this condition!
  3. Is it authentic?
  4. ^^^ Yes, it's authentic.
  5. If it is, then yes I think it was worth it.....

  6. Boy I sure hope so! I did post it here and got a consensus it was real. She's also a MPRS. But it always makes me nervous anyway...
  7. It´s gorgeous, gongrats!
  8. Congrats!!!! Looks great. Don't feel bad:yes: you're saving money!!! :graucho:
  9. first i'll give u ur beating :lecture:(so u won't feel so bad)

    then i must say.. "CONGRATULATIONS!!" :yahoo::wlae:

  10. Definately Worth It!! Don't be so hard on yourself.. I'm in the same boat.. *sigh*
  11. Congratulations on a great looking bag! Try not to beat yourself up; just enjoy your lovely Speedy! :smile:
  12. Ouch!!! Thx, I feel better now. I love this board because even though you all know I was bad you never make me feel guilty. :lol:
  13. oh enjoy it! its a great bag!
  14. UR WORTH IT! make sure u know that. Secondly IT IS BAEUTIFUL AND I am in LUUURVE with that delicious patina!!!! Ohhhh, ur title gave me a good laugh, but now back to my business assignment :hysteric:
  15. [​IMG]
    You fought the LV & the LV won....
    it was inevitable.

    Congrats on a great purchase!! Now back in the ban room you go.
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