I deserve a reward, don't I?

  1. I'm in the middle of a long, time-consuming take home History final exam and I'm nearly finished. I'm graduating with my Associate's degree in 2 weeks (and most likely a 4.0 GPA). I also just got my first paycheck in a LONG time, not huge but I earned it :yahoo: Plus my son is teething and wow, the crying just never ends~I think I deserve a reward! What do you all think? :p

    So I'm thinking with F&F coming up I'm going to get something but I'm not entirely sure what yet. I'm strongly leaning toward either the black legacy shoulder bag or the large denim Carly (if they have those in by then). I'm financing this with any $$ I get selling my textbooks plus the fact that there is 20% off and I can get another % off if I open a charge. But if I don't get approved for a charge (I have good credit but not sure I make enough $ to satisfy their requirements) then I won't be able to get either bag and will have to reward myself more cheaply :rolleyes:

    Sooo....what to do? Carly or Legacy? And if not...recs for cheap thrills?
  2. def get the legacy but have you seen it at your Macys? It seems like only the really big Macy's sell Legacy

    congrats on graduation!
  3. Congrats on your pending accomplishments! I'd go Carly, but I just like the Carly bags better than the Legacy bags, so I'm biased. As for cheap thrills, you could try a Coach outlet near you or getting a mani/pedi - that's my ultimate indulgence (handbags, to clarify, are my addiction ;) )
  4. Thank you! And yes, I've seen it at my Macy's. I stopped by to check things out already, lol. They didn't have any of the new Carly's in when I stopped by though.

    I love how the Carly looks but I'm thinking I'll probably get more use out of the Legacy.
  5. Yes you deserve it! I'd say go with the Carly.
  6. I debated over the same thing. I'd say with you having a young child, the Carly would hold more "mommy things", plus it's still really stylish!! IF they had the ALI, I'd vote for that....holds more than the shoulder. Of course, you can't go wrong with Legacy. I went with the medium Carly though....GREAT Size!! Large would be great, too though.
  7. Thanks for all the responses :smile: Still not sure, lol. If I do get the Carly I'm going for the gusto and getting the large. I'm thinking if I go with Carly I can probably use it as a school bag next year.

    They do have the Ali too but that's a little too $$ for me at the moment. I think the shoulder bag will work for me though, I carry my mommy things in a diaper bag at the moment. I'm fitting everything in my large Soho flap ok at the moment-anyone know how this compares in size to the shoulder bag?
  8. The Soho large flap is slimmer than the Shoulder Bag, so it will definitely hold more.

    As for cheap thrills. See's, Lush (which can gt exspensive, LOL) or Cold Stone. Or a movie. And thrown in a charm or a keyfob for a Coach goodie!
  9. You deff deserve it!!! Congrats on all your accomplishments!
    I would get the Legacy bag.
    If you have to go for something a little less expensive I would say the signature stripe reversible tote or the watercolor tote.
    Or you could always get a nice wristlet and a little keyfob.
  10. It does sound like you can use a reward. Either one is a great choice. Congrats on graduating!
  11. Soho flap is slimmer so which will hold more? Lol, sorry. I'm assuming the shoulder bag will?

    What is See's? And can you believe I've NEVER tried Cold Stone? Maybe I'll get a mini skinny, they have a cute mahogany patent leather one at Macys.

    Thanks again girls, you are all so fab! I think I'm leaning toward the Legacy. I figure I can always get a Carly later, even if its just a regular sig one. I definitely want to get one before I start school again in the fall though so I can use it for that. I like the signature stripe too but sheesh....my wishlist is so long already!

    It's great to be graduating but I sooooo wish this was my final graduation! :sad: Oh well. At least I won't ever have to take Biology again :yahoo: It's so great how I can post here and kind of talk myself into and out of things, lol.
  12. You deserve a coach for just dealing with a teething baby!! AND your getting your AA with a 4.0?? You rock! You definitely deserve a reward!!:happydance:My vote if for the legacy!! It's so beautiful!

    Sees is only the most amazing chocolates!! mm mmm!! I think it's a West Coast thing. www.sees.com
  13. You most definitely deserve a reward! Get the Legacy BAg. They are really beautiful and timeless. You will carry it for years to come. :smile:
  14. You definitely deserve a special treat! Honestly, I think your two choices are both fantastic. I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
    Congrats on all your accomplishments! I hope your son gets through teething quickly.:cry: I remember those days!
    Post pictures of what you decide to get.
  15. You deserve it. Get the Carly.