I Denied A Paypal Payment.

  1. I am a complete tool. I've been awaiting payment for my eBay auction and it's been sitting in my Paypal account for the last 3 days. I thought I would have had a confirmation email from Paypal :rant: !

    Anyhoo, I accepted the payment and it took me to a popup which asked me to upgrade my account. I had the choice of "Upgrade" or "Deny" so what did I do? Yes, I hit Deny and the whole payment got denied. Crap. I've just sent the poor buyer an apology and had to ask her to pay again :shame: .

    This was my first experience selling on eBay - I don't think I like it very much, too much stress!
  2. Ask her to re-send it. You can get into a LOT of trouble from eBay for not upgrading if she reports it. Everyone is required to accept credit cards now.
  3. Seriously! Agh, hopefully that will be my brain-fart for the week. The buyer seems really nice so hopefully will repay.
  4. Swanky really??? Everyone has to accept a CC paymt? I didn't get an email about that or anything...maybe because I already accept CC paymts?

  5. I am sure she will understand it was a simple mix-up! I hate when I get stressed and hit the wrong button/do the wrong thing!! Let us know how it goes
  6. yes, a few months ago they changed it. It's now 'illegal' not to accept credit cards if people want to use them if you accept Paypal.
    It killed me as I never accepted them, I think they're thieves skimming off all our payments personally :sad:
  7. Swanky I'm with you there! Whatever it takes paypal to make some $$$ :sad: I hate the fees! I always get killed. Thanks for clearing up the new policy.
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