I Decided To Open the Box :-)

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  1. I had a particular item that I was searching for sent out last week from a very nice SA at one of the NY stores :heart:

    The box sat on my kitchen counter all week, but I finally decided to open it this morning :smile:

  2. Thank you, Rana!!! For giving H another chance!
  3. Good for you!
  4. LOL kelly32 - I could not let the box just sit there unopened forever! :P
  5. Tohu Bohu Cashmere Shawl in
    Gris Acier/ Gris Perle/ Bl Lavan

    Love the colors!


  6. Ranag!!! I am so happy to see your reveal!!! :love:

    So what did you get??
  7. congratulations! it's certainly gorgeous! :drinkup:
  8. Ohhhhhh! ME LIKIE!!

  9. Rana, beautiful new shawl!! We are shawl twins - I love the way the pattern takes on a muted nature in these colors. Congrats!
  10. I had been wanting this colorway from the moment I saw it. It will fit with my very casual wardrobe quite well - I think it will be lovely with jeans :heart:
  11. Glad to see you enjoying H again =)

    Congrats on the shawl, I :heart: the colorway!
  12. Yey I missed you reveals Rana! I :heart: that colourway!
  13. Congrats to this beautiful shawl. :tup:
  14. Gorgeous shawl, Rana! Enjoy it and wear in the best of health.
  15. Gorgeous gorgeous shawl!! Congrats!