I decided to go down to the Chloe boutique today...

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  1. Even though I knew they wouldn't have my whiskey, I wanted to see the bags in person. I spotted the chocolate paddington and fell in-love! :love: The color is just so beautiful I couldn't say no! I asked the SAs to let me see their most pebbled and after going through quite a few, I picked this one. He agreed this was the best choice. I hope I did a good job!


    I am completely hooked on Chloe! :tender: My only hope is that I can find a whiskey for sale since they won't be getting any more at the boutique.
  2. Wow that color is soo rich!!!! It is stunning!
  3. ^ I agree lmpsola! I couldn't say no to it... the color was too beautiful! :yes:
  4. Wow, congrats!!! I love the pebbly ones. I have a '06 Chocolate one too but mine is not pebbly at all. I am also searching for a Whiskey paddy. I love that color! And I want to find a nice pebbly one!
  5. Audrey...Oh, wow it is so gorgeous. Did you see the muscade color? I ordered it today from Chloe in NY. I have no access to Chloe in Kansas City so am completely trusting the SA who described muscade to me. I love the chocolate. I just got a Prada antic cervo drawstring bag and that is why I steered clear of chocolate. But I must say, your pictures explain why people call it one of the most beautiful colors.....By the way, I will be returning a whiskey to NM in Chicago on Tuesday-well I am sending it w/ my husband who is going there. It is from their website. It will go back for sale on NM.com. It is gorgeous, but not real pebbly, a bit smooth, it was missing tags and the lock is a little scuffed so I am thinking it might be a previous return that someone rudely used and then sent back. I would rate it a 10, but there are subtle signs of use, becauseI have the muscade on the way, and like them a little more pebbly, is why this one is going back.
  6. Audrey, that is one beautiful bag. Your first Chloe is incredible, you did a great job picking her out.
  7. I know you can't say no to that beauty!:yahoo: I like it a lot!
  8. They do a really good job there! I'm sure they sent you a beautiful one! I saw the muscade and it is like whiskey but a bit washed out. It is not "orange" like whiskey... kinda hard for me to describe. It is a very beautiful color though! If they described the bag as "very grainy" (which you said in another post) that's their word for pebbled.:yes:
  9. Thanks everyone for the lovely compliments! :love:
  10. hey there\lovely bag!
    congrats :P
    Im still waiting for my rouge though... hehe
    I'm in SD, and the NM here has orange and chocolate paddies, but Im holding out for rouge...hehe
    still, love ur new paddy!
  11. It's beautiful and the leather looks positively SCRUMMY.
    Well done and Congrats on a lovely bag! :yahoo:
  12. Very nice indeed! I wish my choco was that pebbly!!
  13. minami: Thank you! :love: I can't wait to see pictures when you get your rouge!

    sratsey & hmwe46: Thank so much for your compliments! :heart:I really tried to find the nicest leather I could!
  14. WOW~~this bag is TDF!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Thank you!! :heart: