I decided to give 1000th posting to myself...and...

  1. Should I get something from LV?
    Here are some of my choices.
    Which one is the best choice?

    azur.jpg mini.jpg mono.jpg vernis.jpg
  2. i like the vernis cles!
  3. I like Azur Damier.
  4. yes! congrats! i love the Azur, it's a fresh color, but also inherit Damier's capacity!
  5. I vote for azur too .. it will hold more;)

  6. :yes: agree! my bought my friend this one and she LOVES it... well i think she loves it! hehehe!!! ;)
  7. Azur damier or vernis! :smile:
  8. Damier Azur
  9. vote for Azur Damier!!!:yes:
  10. I narrow it down to a Vernis Cles and a Porte Monnaie Rond...

    I say... Vernis Cles?
  11. Can Credit Card & ID fit in Vernis Cles?
  12. I'd go with the vernis or the azur.
  13. azur cles!!! i have one and LOVE it. i like the vernis too, but i'd be so afraid of getting it dirty.
  14. I'm pretty sure a Vernis Cles and Suhali Cles have the same structure... my ID and CC fit just right into my Cles:


  15. John, thanks for the photos. So now I am choosing between Azur and Vernis.
    I probably put more things in the Azur cles, but I like the zipper pull on the Vernis...I can only afford one though...so Azur is cheaper too. But the embossed LVs looks so elegant on Vernis Perle :confused1::shrugs: