I decided to buy a black Venecia..but..

  1. Hi, everyone..

    I've recently found out bags from MJ are so lovely!!

    My first bag from MJ will be Venecia....(I had to think for long time over Venecia and Blake..)

    I decided to get a black Venecia..but still.......can not decide either gold or silver harware..

    I usually prefer silver hardware..cuz i think it is younger style..(i am only 23 years old)

    But..wouldn't silver hardware look too cold during the winter??

    Plz..help me choosing my first mj bag??:love:
  2. oh..sorry i meant "Venetia"!!sorry for confusing you..:smile:
  3. I think the silver looks really good. You don't need to match the winter now..LoL. It's a great bag, go for it!
  4. It depends on your style. I think the gold hardware looks a bit dressier but the silver is great for everyday use. Just so you are aware though, authentic black Venetias with silver hardware are very difficult to find. Most of the ones on eBay are fake. :sad:
  5. ^ and if they are real, it's been used.
  6. I have one and i LOOOOOOVE mine! I have a pic so you can see...i've never seen one with the gold hardware? Does anyone have it for me to see? :smile: I think u should get it. :yes:
  7. I have both. I'll post pictures when I get home today. :smile:
  8. I used to hate the gold hardware. But then I got a black Venetia with gold hardware. It looks so pretty and classy. After getting this bag, I started getting more with the gold hardware. I'm 24, but I don't usually dress like most of the people my age.
  9. im 23 too, and i really prefer either antiqued brass hardware or silver hardware on my MJ bags... i think the venetia looks best with silver hardware personally. great choice! i think it's much nicer than the blake ;)
  10. I just bought one - it has gold hardware and I loooove it. I do def like the classic silver as well, but I already have two MJ's with silver hardware. Plus, like the other ladies said, it is hard to track one down. Either way - it's a great bag, you will LOVE it.
  11. i have most of my mjs with gold and prefer gold to the silver, which is i guess not as flashy or dressy. I have a venetia in rust witht he silver hardware and like it, but prefer my patchwork venetia in gold. i mostly wear gold, i'm 25 gonna be 26 in a week, so i think it really depends on what you like. The Venetiawas my favorite for the longest time, but after I got it I realized that I really wanted a stam, while I still enjoy my venetia, I prefer my stam the most out of all my bags.
  12. I used to really prefer nickel hardware but I think it depends on the bag.
    I've been using my plum kid the past few days ( my new favorite bag! ) & I absolutely LOVE the gold hardware with it. I don't think it'd look the same with nickel however I do think the black Venetia is one that would look great with either. Go with what you love. I don't think nickel says younger or that gold is more winter.